Anyone have experience with using GoPro cameras? Thinking about getting the latest one for my trip in April to the Balkans

Pretty excited to work on my company’s first hackathon. Teams are presenting now

I had so much success with polling the `verse on VPN providers. I'm going to take another poll for streaming services. I currently use TIDAL for its impressive audio streaming. Anyone like Apple Music? I'm trying to avoid Spotify for it's horrible audio quality.

Have you ever met someone from mastodon in real life? I just did! My mind is blown 🤯

Taking a moment in between security talks to toot about how impressed I was of Disney’s “Ralph Breaks the Internet”. Glad it breaks down this the internet in accessible analogies for the internet natives of tomorrow

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You're welcome. Here are some more:

Turlte App
-> My usage: prep for blog posts + bigger projects
-> My usage: collab with other people
-> Share information + note taking on other devices

I haven't tested it myself.

And maybe the Nextcloud Apps, if you need a self-hosted cloud storage as well. Haven't tested them in a while.

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JFC, new life lesson: Don't go on Hoarders if you don't want your family to find out you cross dress and own a lot of porn and dildos. I can't believe TLC aired a peachy pixelated blur that was that big.

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Faces of Open Source: The Humans Behind the Movement That movement is actually #freesw (albeit 'renamed', hijacked)

I'm looking for a new service. Currently using webroot. Any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks to @R10T for the suggestion to check out I've looked into cryptee for encrypted notes. Are there any others out there? I'm looking to get out of Bear and Agenda (possibly Journey for journaling too)

What other instances are you a member of? I just signed up for are there others I should check out?

Anyone here going to the conference this year?

I love being in Boston. Seeing the tech and apps used here is a refreshing puncture to the SF/Silicon Valley bubble

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VSCO, the photo sharing app/service, has a grant program called VSCO Voices. You can pitch a creative project to bring voices to underrepresented communities and help tell their stories.

Applications due 2/18. Winners receive a $20,000 grant, mentorship, and other resources. Sounds like a pretty cool opportunity.

#photography #grants #VSCO #community #marginalized #inclusion #diversity

I did a thing! I spoke about threat intelligence and the role of security analysts and researchers on the podcast. Check it out

No tech can help remedy a sprain like this. But thank god for those streaming tv services

I love seeing what tech becomes absolutely essential when travel. Yes WiFi for those with FOMO, but also interesting to see what type of gadgets people use for travel

I went to a cooking class last night and couldn’t be happier

Is it wrong of me to think the best way to validate an idea is now to get a solid email newsletter list up?

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