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On the lookout for countries to escape to if things in the US don’t shake out. Anyone have promising leads? Reqs: 🌈 friendly + good infrastructure (remote work)

I ended up grabbing a Mac mini through work. System76 is on my todo for my home machine for some upcoming recordings. I was using a zareason build (local Linux shop here in the Bay Area) and it was great.

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Anyone use system 76 machines? I want a well built Linux machine and support gods hardware makers.

Putting aside tech things for now. Any tips on non digital disaster prep? I realize I have digital business contingency plans for everything and everyone in my home but not physical. A very regrettable oversight. Now it’s time to prep!

I love living in a place that is usually a desktop picture

Fed Friends - do any of you use reddit? I’ve often neglected reddit but figure I should enjoy and engage with communities/timelines outside of twitter.

Interviewing is both for the co and the candidate.

Today I had an on-site interview. My last session was w the startup’s founder.

The dude was obviously checked out. So checked out that he started flexing and looking at his muscles during the convo! 🤣

Any football fans on the verse? I’m so happy to see the 49ers finally show some wins 😭😭😭 it’s been a rough few weeks and now we’re undefeated

I'm watchingt the VH1 VMAs. I rarely watch tv or stay fairly up to date with pop culture. I know I'm not that old. Does anyone feel like this?!

I’m back from a few months off mastodon. And I’ve missed the fed. Hi friends!!

I know I’ve asked something similar before: anyone here in the ‘verse try a GoPro or DJI Osmo pocket? Friend on this trip is convincing me of the osmo more so than the GoPro

Non tech related: absolutely in awe of the bustle of Istanbul. No tech just straight commerce

Has anyone traveled to the balkans? Headed there for the rest of the month. Please share tips!

Updates to those who responded to my requests for tool support:
- I checked out quboz but am staying with tidal
- I checked out ProtonVPN (and am surprised I didn’t know about it as a ProtonMail user)
- I am now a proud subscriber to standardnotes!

Thanks fediverse!

Anyone have experience with using GoPro cameras? Thinking about getting the latest one for my trip in April to the Balkans

Pretty excited to work on my company’s first hackathon. Teams are presenting now

I had so much success with polling the `verse on VPN providers. I'm going to take another poll for streaming services. I currently use TIDAL for its impressive audio streaming. Anyone like Apple Music? I'm trying to avoid Spotify for it's horrible audio quality.

Have you ever met someone from mastodon in real life? I just did! My mind is blown 🤯

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