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“Is it time to quit Twitter?
Maybe! But what’s more important is that we start using social media to be social and not solely to enrich megacorps.”

Web dev nerdiness 

Am getting accustomed to scoped CSS with Astro in my website. Gotta say, though, Vite occasionally makes it tricky. There are a few combinations that just don’t scope well, so there’s a fallback to global styling here or there.

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@BryceWrayTX @CodingItWrong Looks like the official iOS app added a “community” timeline. I guess the dev listened. 👍

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A Love Story

“I’m going to the bathroom.”
“I’ll wait for you.”
“I’m not coming back.”

It would appear remains locked to new users for now. (Same was true during my previous time in the Fediverse, in 2020.) Whether that’s only temporary is TBD. Not sure it matters, but would be interesting to take a look around, at least, given that instance’s history.

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Before joining Mastodon had you participated or were active on BBS (dial-up) or forums (vBulletin style) in the past?

Boosts are appreciated for better sample sizes.

Given that yesterday involved hours of fighting trailing slashes that were in the wrong place, comments that wouldn’t go where they were supposed to go, and CORS issues out the wazoo, this has been a relatively good day for my little website.

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@BryceWrayTX I guess imo it's the intention that makes it offputting or not. Is the person really not "here," or are they honestly playing in both spaces and just trying to save some precious time & energy?

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@BryceWrayTX If you don't have time or energy to tweet/toot the same content in both places, and you're not ready to abandon the one for the other, even if that's your long-term plan, a relay service can remove a barrier and make it possible for someone to consider migrating at all

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@BryceWrayTX If you are just forwarding here your posts from somewhere else, and are not present to read the replies and respond to them, then you might as well not exist at all. We are very big on human interaction, and hate passive "content".

Also, the cultural and technical differences (like the characters limit) require different styles of communication, so the posts from somewhere else usually don't fit here very well.

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My guess is people will have mixed feelings about relays that republish Twitter accounts into Mastodon - but boy has it done a lot to relay in some accounts I've been missing and make this place feel a lot more like home.

On my first venture into the Fediverse back in 2020, I used some relay service so tweets = toots and vice versa. I stopped doing that once someone whose name/handle I don’t recall told me that was considered bad form and would get me blocked by long-timers.

Would be curious to know if that attitude still reigns, especially since I see new users mentioning a wish for similarly duplicative options while they dangle their feet in both ponds, so to speak.

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Advice to new people from Twitter 

There have been many waves of exodus from Twitter. When new people arrive they often bring with them their larger-than-life Twitter persona with them. I understand what that's all about, because it's how Twitter trains people to behave if they want to be seen and engage with their audience and so that the timeline algorithm works in their favour.

But here in the fediverse you don't need to put on a big performance. You can be more authentic, and just hang out with friends. Edginess which would be rewarded by the algorithm on Twitter tends to be discouraged here, and might even get you blocked.

BTW, Fediverse folks, I haven’t yet gotten around to restoring (from 2020) my Mastodon icon/link to my site’s footer, but that’ll be coming up before long. Sorry for the lack thereof in the interim.

New post >> Gems in the rough #17 • A GitHub Discussions oddity, Netlify Edge Functions, feed readers with built-in browsers.

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5,123,385 accounts
+1,181 in the last hour
+20,752 in the last day
+76,296 in the last week

Yeah, can’t edit toots any more than you can tweets. :)

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Thanks to a savvy suggestion by
the dev behind the giscus commenting service, got my site’s comments back after switching the site from one repo to the other last weekend.

giscus uses GitHub Discussions, so comments are tied to the repo. If you move your site to another repo, you must move the Discussions. I wasn’t having any luck getting that done **until** Sage Abdullah (@laymonage on Birdsite) came up with the answer. Thank you, kind sir!

Thank you, kind sir!

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