New post >> Using Dart Sass with Hugo: the GitHub Actions edition • Still more ways to make Hugo and Embedded Dart Sass work together.

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the phrase "sweet Jesus" implies the existence of a sour Jesus, a bitter Jesus, a salty Jesus, and an umami Jesus

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“Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.”


Forget personalization: it’s impossible and it doesn’t work

New post >> Mulling over migration? • Some tips about moving your website to Astro.

. . . with a buried lede at the end. 🤔

Color me not shocked.


WordPress sites getting hacked ‘within seconds’ of TLS certificates being issued | The Daily Swig

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@cgervasi there still are disturbing numbers of diehard Windows 7-using businesses out there, and also plenty of legacy enterprise software that was coded years ago to work with only IE. It’s more of a problem than you might think. They’d rather lack security than spend money to upgrade.

Music to web developers’ ears:

“Internet Explorer 11 won’t start anymore on its retirement date and Microsoft Edge will be loaded automatically...”

For my first-ever submission on Mastodon, I offer this picture of Shakespeare, also seen in my 2021 post about the Eleventy Image plugin (

From BirdSite...

Investigating: We're currently investigating an outage on the Standard Edge Network. We'd continue to post updates as we have more information.

@steveriggins Assuming you would spell that out if saying it aloud — “L-E-I-apostrophe-D” —?😀

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