Leftover night in the bowl. Anime on the TV. Sirius the Jaeger. So far it’s pretty good. Sub/dub is actually pretty good.

So kiddos, remember this... the devil is in the details, and more often than not, the devil is in the fine print.

So I reached out to the company that has my $72.12, and they told me that if I wanted to roll it over to another plan, there was a $50 distribution fee. So that makes it $22.12. So I laughed for a few minutes on the phone with the lady at the company, and then I told her that we can just pretend that the call never happened. I don't care, its not worth my time or energy to even fuck around with any of it. It was done against my wishes, but hey, that's because I didn't read the fine print.

My workplace just stole $72.12 from me. Apparently the 401k email I threw away from HR because the fine print didn't indicate that I would be a part of their plans was misunderstood by yours truly. So, the text says "Those currently contributing less than 5% to your 401k..." and I never had one, so I ignored it. Turns out, what wasn't said, was that if you didn't have one, you'd be made to have one, and then the deductions made against your account. So, this pay period is a little bit smaller.

Just had a flash of inspiration. A service that is a single webpage, open to everyone, allowing everyone to read and write at the same time. How cool would that be meets with vandalism and worse.

Writes out idea on slip of paper. Runs out to the back forty with a can of gasoline, spritz idea, set on fire. Watch it burn to ash, stomp on it.

Return to office, moving along.

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I think with as little sleep as I got last night, today could use a slightly longer meditation session with Headspace. So, lets say a semi-guided thirty minute session. That would do nicely.

Ah well, for the want of a nail, the horse was lost. For the want of a horse the rider was lost. For the want of a rider, the war was lost. For the want of a won war, the kingdom was lost.

And instead of listening to me, lets ignore everything I have to say, even go to so far as to call Slack "Another fucking email thing we don't need" or my favorite "that's a solution in search of a problem" - so, yippity-pippity. Let's solve the problem by adding noise abatement ceiling panels and buying sketchy noisemaker tech to mask the choir of noise going on. Of course, with all the noise, we'll have unhappy people, and maybe they'll start to turn-over.

I'm deeply entertained by just how vigilant folks are in rejecting instant messaging as an option. "Oh we don't need that! Everyone works in the HQ right next to each other! They can just get up and talk to each other!" - Uh-huh. But... what about... and then there is...

Nah, that's right. Nevermind. Instant messaging could help all the branches collaborate and even help people who are too close together in the HQ communicate clearly and bring down the ambient noise. But we aren't doing that.

Noise abatement query. Huh. When you increase the population density of a space by almost three times what it was before, and you stack people really close together, you will create a choir of noise.

Just got my first question about where we are on that subject. We bought little noisemakers, to drown out the content with white noise. It isn't quiet, but it isn't stray signal either.

And of course, I was told to murder the XMPP server, so that's not an option anymore. Womp/Womp. Oh well...

It would also bear stating that I have no problem saving my little plushie mascots first, before worrying about any of the other people that work here. They can trample and scramble. The mascots are stuck because they are inanimate. LOL.

I have a lot of mascots on my desk at work. Mostly to remind me that the entire world hasn't gone to shit, but also to inspire me to not lose my humanity to all this technology.

There is a hollow sound when I tap my foot on the floor next to my chair where the walls meet. Like it's just a piece of plywood over a void.

Could be a gate to hell, or maybe an old well-head. Or something worse. Or better. LOL.

Ah well, I take all my equipment home, my lappies, the stuff that is here isn't vital - except for my Funko Pop Kyle Rayner, my DC Figure Kyle Rayner, my two office Totoros, Baymax, BB-8, K9, and my Nikola Tesla figure, and the newest, Tumblebee. And the Google Home, yaaah.

And then on github you have programs like enchive that use ChaCha20, Curve25519, and HMAC-SHA256. In a way, hedging your bets with ECC as a backstop to all the claims that quantum blah-blah-blah is eventually render it broken as well. In the end, even though OTP and its pads are a huge headache, pulling random data from a noisy radio, or throwing hex dice, or using a TRNG, these may be the last best backstop to all the quantum foolishness on the horizon.

Although, with the items in the news about bullshit technology like AI and Quantum blah-blah-blah, at some point basing all your security on hard math problems will at some point be converted from hard to hilariously easy by someone being clever and cute. As far as I know, with conventional wisdom, AES-256 is still rocking it, along with SHA-256. Although RSA got pilloried recently, so that's a bummer, but fine since nobody really uses it anyways.

I compared Finalcrypt to onetime from red-bean/github. Both promise pad management, but in the end I prefer onetime over Finalcrypt.

OTP makes me chuckle. All the adorable and clandestine ways to move the pads around. Like the itty-bitty SD memory cards that store 64GB of data. You could hide that sucker anywhere really.

And then you get clever and exhausting ways to be cute about the pads. Stuff that seems very hackery but in the end is endlessly doofy.

Had a chance to futz around with Finalcrypt. It's rather cute, the sound effects are rips from Star Trek so that's kind of silly but at least you can turn them off. One Time Pad stuff is unbreakable but also an immense pain in the ass. And of course like all other crypto stuff, nobody else using any of it means it's just a cute little curiosity you take off the shelf, play around with for ten minutes, and then move on to real work. But there it is, anyways. Silly sound effects.

There, that did it. My God, what a mess! So, for a one-liner check on forwarded mailboxes I had an hour of google-fu wrestling and powershell shazam. Fine. I can definitely see the value of PowerShell in an enterprise context.

**eyeroll so loud it shatters windows**

Suddenly, Microsoft gets all super-serious. Fine. Reroll the cred.txt file from scratch. FINE.

Throws an M-80 at the effigy, hears a loud bang, mmmmmm.... good.

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