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Yeah, I have a blog, if you want to really get angry with me... LOL. 

My self-hosted WordPress Blog can be found here:

Yeah, no https. Life is hard. How shall we cope. There is no coping.

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uspol / Individual 1 List of Atrocities 

Here is a pretty solid list of political atrocities that Individual 1 has perpetrated on us all. In case you wanted a refresher on his awfulness.

Ideally they would be re-allocated in the company. They can't handle the freeform nature of IT work, they can't problem-solve in a technical way, so they would best be served by switching to a different department altogether, or just go.

But they are BFF's with the HR Director, so I have a feeling I'll be shackled to them as a burden until I can write them up enough to come back to all this ugliness, the heart of awkwardness.

I kept on "ignoring bad signs" and not writing them up because I felt a lot of sympathy for them. They were married, just bought a house, and just had a new baby. The baby is, as we learn later on, special needs in a major way. I didn't want to endanger any of that, my heart aches for them, but there comes a point when the sympathy for their plight meets with the inability to do their jobs and then, effectively going AWOL.

+ "Not going to be talked to that way." and then at 5:46am that next morning announce in a team chat that they aren't going to come in that next day.

So here we sit. This person can only nominally do the work, and from everything I see in front of me, there is nothing I can do but just endure them and hope they quit.

Because they are very good friends with the HR director and we don't let our friends feelings get hurt, even if they aren't doing their job.

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Two years ago I hired someone to fill a help desk role in my IT department. This person billed themselves as very keen on solving puzzles and problem-solving. Fast forward two years and what we have is constant requests for procedural training when there aren't any procedures to be had, game-playing on their phone when they should be reading and learning about technology, and on the very first touch of critical feedback, they quail, run to HR, declare that they are +

+ giving life a shot, but it always blows itself to pieces. That's why we don't have first contact, that's why there is just all this empty setting out there. That even if there are millions of civilizations out there, they all commit suicide because they cannot pass the Great Filter.

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This definite feeling that the species has failed and will fail to pass the Great Filter and that all of this is just re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. You know that the end is coming, extinction is inevitable. Perhaps its mid-life, getting over that hump of the idealism of youth, and realizing that it can't ever get better. Not when you've got people involved.

And you look out at the night sky and you see nothing. Just setting. And the thought occurs that the Universe is always+

+ all your time in endless cyclic reductive spiral-shaped arguments where you lose sight of the first point you tried to make. So you just stop. Stop being loud. Stop being noisy. Stop throwing grenades of thought and trying to wake people up.

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Before when I stopped being loud and noisy. When I stopped fighting because you only fight when you hold out hope that things could be better. And when you lose that hope, you slip into a kind of waking unconsciousness. There is no point to ask the big questions. There is no more fight left in you and its always just another pointless fruitless argument. Everyone that surrounds you are enemies, playfully carrying on as "playing the devils advocate" and ignorant that sometimes you don't want to spend+

I get this distinct feeling that the entire world is degrading. It's falling apart. It's failing. That the old things are being crumpled up and getting wrenched off. We're still flying along, but there is only the spaceframe, pieces of fuselage, and the engines sputtering along on the metaphorical aircraft of this world.

And I start to think about some of the grander ideas I used to have before I became a sleepwalker. Thiat all of this is making room for some great change coming.

Yesterday I had to checkpoint with a family member, I was so on the edge because of all this horse-shit in my work. "When do you get paid?" // "Today" // "That's why you are there, then, keep to that. It's the best any of us can do."

It creates a difficult work environment. How do you run an IT shop when your coworkers fail the Gom Jabbar, when those that you support are itching to mow you down with their vehicles, and you park yourself in front of a workstation and see the space absolutely festooned with material glorifying the Human Latrine. Even so much as to have their desktop be the Rambo photoshop of the HL himself. And you have to provide support to these people.

Another thing I’ve noticed recently is that the HL has provided license for people to behave as they really wanted to. Which means that they’ve always been this... way. The pretense is done, the masks are off. Even if we dispose of the HL, those masks are impossible to refit. So there will always be this understanding that they are al wretched.

I suspect that there are more people in my office that support the Human Latrine than don’t. I read the list of 792 collected atrocities that the HL has perpetrated and I’ve lost my faith in my fellow countrymen.

Hilarious turn of events at work. Learned that a coworker suggested vehicular manslaughter as a way to resolve political differences. Management seems unfazed by this, so we do nothing. And then, in a more general case, it appears that vehicular manslaughter isn’t really that bad from many other coworkers of mine. So, learned a lot yesterday.

Fucking coworkers are so stupid, todays line of the show is: "JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. WHERE ARE YOUR PARENTS. DIG THEM UP, I WISH TO SLAP THEM."

Looks like all that work for PCI Compliance was reducible down to a gaggle of SRED card-swipe terminals. All the other requirements? Eh, not so much. Are we playing the most dangerous game with the credit card people? Hmmmmm... maybe.

But now, it's no longer my problem! I have a PCI Compliance strategy all fleshed out, so I can just LEAVE IT THERE, and if it should ever rear its ugly head again, I will have it. So it wasn't a total waste.

Management gamely goes on and on about how they are following CDC protocols. HAHAHAHAH Yes, and I will have my own subset of protocols. Like a closed door, send me a fucking email or text. Just because they demand I work from the office does not mean I will mix with filthy god damn humans! Oh we're going to socially distance allright. I'm going to carve out a little universe all to myself in my office. Use Kleenex and Sanititzer to maintain a teeny island of health in that hot zone.

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Plus the Stay At Home Order is valid now until May 28th, but work demands everyone return this Monday, May 18th. We've proven that working-from-home is valid, so now what we have is the payback for the zero-sum-game of exposure and massive inconvenience that the original Stay At Home order created with my workplace. Huzzah!

The head of our Accounting department claimed to have SRED terminals in her possession, and there is some chatter where processors could be fast-talked into accepting credit card processing from an SRED terminal. Is it the same as PCI DSS? Hell no, but if they accept it and life goes on, I'm very happy to look the other way.

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