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Yeah, I have a blog, if you want to really get angry with me... LOL. 

My self-hosted WordPress Blog can be found here:

Yeah, no https. Life is hard. How shall we cope. There is no coping.

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uspol / Individual 1 List of Atrocities 

Here is a pretty solid list of political atrocities that Individual 1 has perpetrated on us all. In case you wanted a refresher on his awfulness.

Start of a long weekend. Then I fly to Dallas Texas. Unplug a bunch of equipment, throw it all in a rental car trunk, drive it twenty minutes, re-assemble it all, plug it all back together again. Then get on an airplane and fly home. YAY.

Yup. MacBook lost its fucking marbles. So fine. Reboot. Disk check. Onyx. Honesty it’s been up for a really long while, so this isn’t disappointing. This was expected.

There we go... all copied out of Mastodon and into Ulysses. Obviously "Close this editor" closed the wrong window, which sent me on a search for what I had that I wanted, but can't have, but here it is, unfiled, in the All category. Hooray. And then copied out one at a time, patiently, now to clean up everything and run a grammar check. HA HA HA.

"Written informally" yeah, bitch, no. I tend to get gripped by inspiration and the words come out, pretty much grammar free. LOL. Pedants burn.

LOL... my copy from Mastodon didn't even work properly. LOL. So, I guess manual rooting around for what I wrote too. Again.

Back to the start, do it again, keep doing it until you get so annoyed you give up and decide not to actually refine it. Leave it where it plops.

Line of the show: "21st Century is innovation by workaround."

Yes, that's exactly what we are going to do. Could it be written as code? Sure. Would it be worth our time? Absolutely not.

Now I have to go to the bathroom in preparation for a copy and paste and edit and reorder drag.

It's beautifully meta. Talking about a thing, and then demonstrating the very thing while talking about the thing. Meta. Metadata. FUUUUUUUUU. :D

Perhaps, but I'd have to write some code to identify what an entry looked like, then I'd have to write code to move the wrong ordered text into an array, and then replay it to another file in the proper order. While on this meaningless foray into an epic waste of time, we'll get lost on forks related to unresolved file writing bugs from 1998 that never really got fixed, and then a segfault because a stray exclamation point confused the system.

Or you know, we could just do it manually, by hand.

How meta. So, again, kludgy because I accidentally wrote an essay as Mastodon posts. FUUUUUUUU. Fine. So, how can I get what I wrote out? Yeah. Go to the start of my babble, highlight to the end of it, copy it, paste it into an editor, and now...

Fix all the meaningless " bits. But it's in reverse order. Yes it is. Well, that's 10:30 to 11:30 is it not?

Obviously this is the countertop where we think "is there a way to reshuffle programatically?" and you briefly consider it, and then laugh bitterly.

My horoscope had it, lol... "This influence signifies a time of very intense mental activity. Your thinking and your communications with others have an intense, penetrating quality. You have a strong desire to get to the bottom of every question, and you will not be satisfied with superficial answers." - ahhh-yup.

And all you really do is shrug. You hope for a better world. Every once in a really long while you stumble blindly over something truly elegant. It's like tripping over Rivendell and spotting an Elf walking along a curated beautiful path of perfectly carved scrollwork.

And it's only momentary. The pile of constantly shifting wreckage we call the modern world continues to shudder and throb. It all works, and you marvel that these people manage to continue to live in all of this... wreckage.

It doesn't take much at all. Fragile houses of cards built on other fragile houses of cards. People mobbing on top, like hapless Eloi sitting down at the picnic tables and never having a single bright shiny thought in their pretty little heads because food is always right there, on the table, same time every day. Meanwhile, underneath, the Morlocks are banging on pipes, and every once in a while grabbing an Eloi for a snack.

That's the Internet. Humanity on top of the Internet. The rot in Layer 8.

So you find gists, you find forked projects, you find python code fragments. The dependencies aren't circular-misadventures-into-the-fog, you try to remember basic linux stuff because you haven't had to screw around with any of it for decades and crontab went off to the same Elysium Fields that Trigonometry went off to...

Google Fu. Another worrisome "house of cards" right there too, but lets not look too closely at it, lest it collapse. Or sell our identity to Belorussians.

This is why entire afternoons are incinerated on the pyre of "Fuck, I wanted XYZ, but the devs don't speak English, their angel investors aren't interested, and nobody but me would ever want this feature... so... fuuuuuuuuuuu"

I suppose I could attempt to ask for whatever it is I think would be good, but devs live on the moon, or as much as would be useful, they do. So no. We don't tell devs anything. We just muck about, finding fragments on GitHub, trying not to get sick that Microsoft owns them now.

Finally, good god watch it work. 6am every day, a machine you "rescued from the landfill" with some half-forgotten linux distro you can't remember is **actually working** and that's fine. Now, when it's Sep 03, 2021, you can search on Sep 01, 2021, to get back and manually journal what you remember telling people, because there it is. Click-drag.

All because metadata isn't searchable. I got what I wanted. Everyone can benefit from it too. But it is complete mess.

We've got that! YAY! Okay, so lets write a Bash script! Get the date, and at 6am write it out to the Signal group. Write script, change mode on script so it can execute, plumb the foggy memories you have of crontab, and boom. Failure.


Ah yes, cardinal sin, I didn't explicitly declare the specific paths to signal-cli, echo, mv, fuck, any command at all. Call the script yourself, works, cron calls? Lost. Fixup. Dive into vim. Find your cheatsheet. Gah.

If you have this hex code, you'd think you could use that without having to ask going forward. No. New install? You can't just simply use what you know to peek around the corner, no. You need to run around Robin Hoods Barn all over again, and now you can use it! HUZZAH. FUUUUUUUUUUU.

So, finally, we can send signal data from the CLI. Next, lets figure out the date commands picky-picky formatting rules. How to get Sep 01, 2021?

Obviously this creates a "Forking House Of Mirrors"... one bullshit kludgy solution leads to a new problem. I don't want to wake up at 6am to put the date into Signal stream. OK. Lets automate that. Enter Signal-CLI. **shakes head** fine. So, lets try to connect to the service, that was a hard climb. Okay, now it's as group, what groups are there? No groups. What? No. Send something to someone, then ask again. Okay. <<send>> how about now? OH YES, THIS GROUP!? You need a special hex code for this.

So, no metadata searching. Fine. So, enter the raw kludgy "fuck it, this is also a solution, damn you all" solution. Can't search on metadata, but just on raw data, so, lets add the data markers we want to the stream! At 6am, write the date into the stream, every day. Then you can use the tools in the app to search on what was shared, and since the metadata you want is "shared", now you can search on it! Well, okay! "Sep 01, 2021" look! YAY! That's what I wanted!

So, I journal, have an app for that, but obviously Signal doesn't work with the journal app, so I can't just hoover all the Signal content into the journaling software. Sometimes I forget to review everything we said in Signal, so the date-of-chat just slides off primary display. You could scroll, but wouldn't it be nice to search on metadata? Like take me to the first thing shared on Sep 01, 2021? That would be nifty! NO. NO SOUP FOR YOU.

Case in point, Signal. I love Signal. I will always love Signal. But I want to search on metadata within the Signal app. No. Like the soup nazi, no metadata for you! Only search on stuff in primary stream. Fuuuuuuuu.

So I have a group chat, it's all my friends, in Signal, and we use it as a blazing-bright thread, it connects us all, geographically spread throughout the United States. It made the COVID-19 Pandemic less lonely. It was a community of dear friends and we could be together without risk.

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