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Just finished the Swedish 2018 Sci-Fi movie Aniara. Thoroughly atmospheric and haunting, and almost elegiac as the crew learn their fate and place in the Universe. Very moving, very sad.

When I think of the coming climate apocalypse I am going to really enjoy telling billionaires how much money it would have taken to fix things when we could have, in 1978. That it’s too late now and all their money can’t fix things and in the end, all their wealth will amount to absolutely nothing. It was all for nothing. Bitter species extinction laughter. It’s the best laughter.

uspol / one a day to get it out of our systems... 

Pleroma is a horrible lung cancer. Those poor people.

Yada yada yada. An emotional fluff ball is drinking and oversharing TMI is on the horizon. God help you all, blah blah blah. You knew what this was when you followed it. You have no one to blame but yourself. Yay!

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I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

I made a pint of Island Monster. Half rum half Monster Energy Drink. Tasty. Feeling happily drunk. Also, awake. Yay. Yay for effect. Yeet for charm.

Microsoft Todo on Mac OSX got updated. Yesterday I was almost convinced that they had solved the "task needs to be checked off twice" bug, looks like this morning, it's back! So you know, fucking Microsoft shit. Also, today I buy more CAL's to be compliant and head off the asshole international vendor shakedown fucker and his Microsoft mugging. FINE. I hope the curses I scribe on the money hit you where it counts, Microsoft.

Just discovered that management is on vacation. Management is in a private resort in Puerto Rico. So that explains why I haven’t seen management since the holiday.

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+nasty little child floating in the river and being pecked at by carrion eaters.

I think it keeps a healthy lid on runaway Christmas Awwwww.

Dead child in a river, little nasty monster, got what he deserved.


Also, during these holiday months, I spend a lot of time imagining the bell-ringers for the Salvation Army being whisked off their feet by a 8 foot tall angry Krampus, trotting down to the river to beat them with reeds and drown them in the water. People happily forget that in a lot of germanic cultures, Krampus COMES FOR THE BAD CHILDREN... beats them with reeds. DROWNS THEM IN RIVERS.

So it is important to never forget that in all the delight of the presents and bright lights, there is a drowned beaten+

Every time the Eartha Kitt Christmas song comes on "Santa Baby" I pause until she reaches the lyrics "Slip a sable under the tree, for me..." and at that line in the song, I make angry sable sounds. Because fur is wrong and fur is murder and sables shouldn't be dead and made into trinkets. They should be vital, alive, angry, and murderous. An entire Christmas tree shaking with twenty very angry sables. THAT IS WHAT YOU GET. THAT IS THE WAGES OF FUR. GET 'EM BOYS! --screams and crying-- **Krampus Approves**

Yum for lunch. What was lunch? Lunch was leftover microwaved Cheddar Bay Biscuits thrown in with a greek-inspired riff on Poutine. Pretty much a carbohydrate bomb. It was tasty, but leftovers that are microwaved, so also dry, tough, and crumbly. That's fine. It isn't high dining. It's... uh... survival? ;)

I think what blows my mind the most is that every day I see evidence that people are just dumb little blobs of water wrapped in protein sacks - and then I get an email showing me a picture of an astronaut, in an EVA, repairing a COSMIC RAY DETECTOR in ORBIT around THE PLANET in SPACE.

They couldn't get up there if they were as dumb as everyone seems. They would have ass-ploded on the way up. So, I am forced to accede that not everyone is a blob of water in a protein sack. Dammit!

So when people appear on TV and go on and on about anything that smells of patriotism or right action, you know its a lie. It's a fabrication because the fish rots from the head. They all ante'd up, they all have chips on the roulette wheel of Individual 1. They defend him so passionately. And now, with that level of rank absurdity and oathbreaking, you must ask the central question. WHY. The answers:

1) Follow the Money
2) Follow What They Do, Not What They Say.

Nero has his fiddle, and Rome is on Fire.

uspol / handy guide 

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I don't really remember the story behind this picture but i found it on an old disk and it made me happy so i thought i'd share it.

+So, fine, since everyone is panicked I suppose I will solve the issue under the usual auspices of "If you want something done right, do it your fucking self! GOD DAMN IT!" -- What burns my hide is that this C-level gnome TOLD ME THAT IT WAS ALREADY DONE.

No it isn't. You are a dope. Give me a fucking break, maaaaaaaan.

So, I will do it. IT will do it. It's actually accounting's job, BUT I SUPPOSE I HAVE TO DO IT TO DO IT FUCKING RIGHT. RIGHT? RIGHT!

Jesus Fucking Christ on a Pogo Stick!

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