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Yeah, I have a blog, if you want to really get angry with me... LOL. 

My self-hosted WordPress Blog can be found here:

Yeah, no https. Life is hard. How shall we cope. There is no coping.

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uspol / Individual 1 List of Atrocities 

Here is a pretty solid list of political atrocities that Individual 1 has perpetrated on us all. In case you wanted a refresher on his awfulness.

Heh, god-damned TeamViewer failed me for the last time. Family coping with loss, need technical assistance. TeamViewer QuickSupport module has been deprecated on September 15, 2021. GO SCREW YOURSELF. Pretty much, not in those exact words, but close.

So, fine, toss TeamViewer in the bin, go to Google Remote Desktop. Because it's free and it !@#$ works properly.

Moving forward, for help with friends and family, Google Remote Desktop. Because it works.

I recall the early 90's ad campaigns by AT&T promising the wonders of technology they were going to bring to us all.

And I laugh and laugh and laugh.

Here we stand at the precipice of 2022, seeing how it's all just circling the drain. Every once in a while theres some backflow and the aroma is... piquant... pungent... redolent with... JD Power And Associates Garner Quadrant Paradigm Synergizing Excellence.


Every once in a while, you stop and realize that everything you hate will eventually be wrapped in a SIP trunk. Everything will end up being wrapped up in SIP trunks.

It'll change how you order fast food... when it's SIP Trunked. LOL.

Except, you know, we can't leave because the ETF to be free is five-figures. So we have to wait for this albatross of technology to run its mortal course and die of old age. "Do you want to renew our award winning service?" -- I'd rather french-kiss a running light socket, thanks.

It's also worthwhile to say that establishing a VOIP infrastructure on shitty AT&T Copper T1's is DUMB. Especially when AT&T would rather everyone forget that they have T1's and that they will sell new ones. So what they do is they slug-and-dog all efforts to repair and maintain their copper T1's, hoping that by raising the prices to unhealthy levels will drive away customers. YES. IT DOES DO JUST THAT.

Since 1875, when the wretched and horrible invention of the telephone was perpetrated by Bell, we've been chained to this awful thing since then.

Oh golly. A telephone. Endless joy. I get to talk to other people. They get to interrupt me, make demands on my time. Assume I'm just waiting for their ringy-dingy.

I've said it before and I will always say it. Alexander Graham Bell is in Hell. May he launguish there for eternity for his crime against humanity, the wretched Telephone.

That it was somewhere really much deeper inside AT&T where the fault was. Turns out, the configuration was... uh... incomplete, yeah, incomplete! And so, when they, eh, completed the configuration then suddenly the circuit was formed and... everything came back into service.

Eh. VOIP. It's slightly less shitty than plain old POTS bullshit, but man alive, is it still rank chockablock full of bullshit all by itself.

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It's been since 12/10/2021 when we lost phone service in one of our company branches. Then we had a fun game of "VOIP Hot Potato" which was lots of fun.

Carrier claimed our equipment was bad. Then they claimed it wasn't plugged in properly, how Ethernet can unplug itself must require gnomes, so that's entertaining.

Then they escalated it to a AT&T technician, who claimed that it wasn't their fault, that it was the carriers boxen. Then the Hot Potato bounced and bounced and bounced until we discovered...

Wrapping myself up in the humor of the Thwaites Glacier, at the moment. This sort of comedy is almost perfect.

Hurry up and wait. Website edits with web developers. Huge rush, need it now. Gotta have it. Then... any edits? -- tumbleweeds and squeaky hinges -- Okay, we're going live... **NO WAIT WAIT EDITS** Now, **LETS WAIT FOR THE NEW YEAR**

It was a huge emergency. WAS.

Now, not so much. But the web developer gets to invoice. And we'll pay. Because that's the human thing to do.


Hilarity. We're moving the ticket system to a cloud offering by the same people who offer us the on-prem software, but that is being discontinued in December 2021. So I told everyone we were migrating. The migration will be free, easy, and won't cost us anything.

My bosses only question was "Are they going to now try to charge us for this?" -- No. They won't. But if they did, would that be a tragedy?

Hahahahah Yes, I already know the answer.

I suspect that there is a vim hack for every imaginable text manipulation out there, and it's all on All of it. Why go anywhere else? hahahahahaha

The "Monthly Authentication Audit" hasn't really been done for... **squints at date** 18 months.


A little background. I've got 22 Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 devices fresh from factory, recent order, all spiffy in their little boxes for a project at work. I tried Samsung Knox, their Mobile Device Manager.

It was technically existent. That's the best I've got. Don't speak ill of the dead or the needlessly litigious.

Samsung: Technically existent.

Line of the show from October 2nd: "Doctors test for two things. The Babinsky reflex and Samsung Ownership Defensiveness Reflex."

Solid Advice: "If the bank wants it, it’s a trap."

I've restarted my affection and addiction with teas at work. It's been years, since "The Place That Shall Not Be Named", so this is a personal improvement for me. Maybe a little sign that I'm feeling more at-home around here? Or maybe it's the caffiene. That could be it.

Start of a long weekend. Then I fly to Dallas Texas. Unplug a bunch of equipment, throw it all in a rental car trunk, drive it twenty minutes, re-assemble it all, plug it all back together again. Then get on an airplane and fly home. YAY.

Yup. MacBook lost its fucking marbles. So fine. Reboot. Disk check. Onyx. Honesty it’s been up for a really long while, so this isn’t disappointing. This was expected.

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