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Yeah, I have a blog, if you want to really get angry with me... LOL. 

My self-hosted WordPress Blog can be found here:

Yeah, no https. Life is hard. How shall we cope. There is no coping.

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uspol / Individual 1 List of Atrocities 

Here is a pretty solid list of political atrocities that Individual 1 has perpetrated on us all. In case you wanted a refresher on his awfulness.

AMC Movie Theaters closed the only one anywhere nearby. All gone. The A-List subscription was going to go back on 7/1. So I cancelled it. It was a great thing, while it lasted. I don't know when I'll see another movie that way again.

I got my Pfizer-2 shot yesterday. The injection site pain was the first to show up, then the chills, and then I woke up and everything hurt. Joint pain, muscle aches, lethargy, weakness, a booming headache, and tinnitus. YAY!

Get to it. Down on the floor. Like a child. That's it. Beat your arms and legs. Whine. Cry. Oh baby, that's good.
Pure Michigan. Not a single concept about public health or not putting vendors in harms way because you are minimally completist.
God damn, the gall.

The absolute gall of people. Pitching a tantrum because one port out of forty doesn't work, so you send me a nasty-gram. "I simply don't understand why it is taking so long, wah wah! It should have been fixed in December! Wah!"
Oh, no! Poor Veruca Salt! You can't have your precious right fucking now, so I suppose, you'll get your cardio by having your precious little tantrum. [1/2]

I appear to have stocked my home with MERV 13 filters for the central air and furnace. This is the rating of filter that the CDC recommends to strip out COVID-19 virus particles. That probably explains why my house wasn't another Elizabeth Dane.

A throwaway account of mine was blocked by a voice actor on Twitter. I really liked the voice actor and they blocked me as collateral damage for being a bystander in a disagreement that I wasn’t a part of. I had a quick trip. I was upset for a moment, but then realized it was a throwaway Twitter account and then I remembered that it didn’t matter. Today has been a lot of that. Getting upset and then remembering it doesn’t matter.

The old IKEA Induction Hob finally died. Replaced with a Mueller hob. Pretty good in how fast it can boil water. We’ll see how well it does when it comes time to put the hurt on some stirfry.

Now I get to board the Elizabeth Dane. I have to ship a doofy screen protector I didn't want to somewhere in New Jersey as an RMA, then configure an iPad that arrived weeks ago and hand it to an executive who will torture the device. And then, once all that's done, come immediately home and take a Silkwood Shower.

Easter Agony (3/3) 

Oh sure you do! Does it hurt? GOD YES IT DOES! YAY! Our messiah came back and now we get to torture him some more! YAY!

We've got some really ardent believers who have knives, they want a little crystal goblet of your blood and maybe your left ass-cheek to gnaw on... no no no, don't scream as we cut pieces off of you. You promised us eternal life if we cannibalized you! Truth in Advertising! Ah! Ah! Ah!

Easter Agony (2/3) 

Everywhere Jesus looks, there are little mockeries of his torture and death hanging around his follower's necks, cast in gold. Giant renditions of all that pain and death in every "house of worship" devoted to him, and an entire city festooned with this imagery! Hey! Remember this? Remember all this pain and agony! Remember how the Romans killed you, how you were betrayed! GOD THAT WAS GREAT WASN'T IT. Here! Have some more of it! You remember?

Easter Agony, you clicked this, it's your fault... 

It's the very best part of easter.

We culturally go all-the-way, Kosher? Are you kidding us! WE WANT PIG PARTS! GIVE US DA PIGGIES!

But then again, we have turned the method of our lord and saviors torture and murder into our faith instrument. Ta daaaaaah!


We don't have to worry any longer about what form Gozer the Gozerian will take, it'll take the shape of a virus. COVID-19 proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are as a species, completely unprepared for a pandemic-with-training-wheels. So when something really nasty comes along, we're just going to catch it and fall over dead. No fuss, no muss, no alligator tears. Fwump.

We're going to have to revise all the science fiction stories, the ones where there is any competent government response to public health crises or any rational and self-preserving response by the public for their own health. There is no fear of dying, no fear of illness, just hubris, bravado, and jingoism.

We are no longer referring to COVID-19 as a pandemic. Now we're calling it for what it truly is. A disaster. Michigan, the state where I live, has a fouth wave and we're not going to do one god damn thing about it. Let it just chew through the population. The vigilance and prevention are all tossed out the airlock. LET'S GET TO INFECTING EACH OTHER!

I have changed the name of my office to the Elizabeth Dane. After the Leper Colony Ship in 1980's The Fog.

Hooray! Looks like I had the Wuhan variant of COVID-19 way back in January 2020. Then after going to work on 2/22/2021, I was exposed to the B117 UK variant, and contracted COVID-19 a second time. The first time was massively unpleasant, the second time was just a loss of taste and smell and a cough. Now, I have my first out of two vaccination shots with the Pfizer mRNA cocktail. Slated to go back to work on 4/19/2021, where I hope to acquire the South African COVID-19 virus, and die.

Welcome to the great plains of life. Where you do the same thing over and over again mindlessly. All the things I do at work, I have to do myself because I can't trust that anyone else can do them properly, even though most of it is something a teenager would find dull and boring. Yes. It's dull, it's tedious, but if I stopped doing any of it, shit would figuratively hit the fan. hahahahahah.

So Boring.


When someone famous dies, but you were very sure that they died long ago, but realized they were alive up until now, but now they are dead.

I suppose the best way to see if someone is rich is to convert their total net worth into gold bullion and then drop it on them. If they are crushed to death by the mass of precious metals, they were rich.

Bezos is 182 billion. So... how much gold is that?

So 182,000,000,000 dollars. Gold price is 1841 per ounce, that's 98,859,315 ounces of gold. There are 16 ounces in a pound, so that's 6,178,707 pounds of gold, or, more rationally, 3,089 tons of gold.


And then truth returned to the world, and we smiled, because it made sense. What a wonderful day.

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