Well crap. Looks like I don't have devices set up in Cacti for the four newest branches of my company. This is going to take a while. Ugh.

Bad admin, no cookies for you! ;)

And then the foolishness maxes out with high-order ANSI symbols like this one...


Couldn't even type that sucker in...

And then, there is pwgen, so all of this is pffft. Which is just as well. 1Password has a just-as-well password creator in there anyways to boot.

And if you are willing to go that far, lets be totally foolish about it...

echo -n `uuidgen``uuidgen``uuidgen` | shasum -a 256 | base64 | rev | shasum -a 256 | base64 | rev | cut -c9- | rev

Been futzing with uuidgen to get BorgBackup to just take a volume name programmatically for automated backups. I thought about what sort of password could be made with uuidgen, and a lot of smart folks advise against it. But then I started to be silly...

echo -n `uuidgen``uuidgen``uuidgen` | shasum -a 256 | base64

Just toss out the last few characters since they never change. Passably good passwords, long enough.

They found this flashlight in the ceiling as they were pulling scrub ethernet. It was kaput, and the batteries were dead as doornails and a little bit leaky. LOL. I asked them to let me know if they found Jimmy Hoffa up there. LOL.

LOL! Doofy dummy thought that he'd email me with a task instead of sending in a ticket like we have told everyone many many times. So the task has been floating in my Inbox. This particular doofus thinks this is the best way to get things done. He sent it on 5/15, now it's 5/20. At some point I will forward it to the ticket system on his behalf, and then someone will pick it up.

Maybe by June. That's what you get for not reading all those emails about writing tickets to the help desk directly! Womp/Womp.

But hey, we got cifs configured on the god damn thing. The people that use it seem happy. It's not a thing that IT deals with, since it's a lease. It's another departments bag. With paper, ink, supplies, exorcism, and oh-god-you-printed-to-it/will-it-take-off-or-explode/oh-my-god-its-working/hey-look-its-a-giant-printout-of-something.

Eh, if it explodes, theres sufficient space between my office and that thing where I'm probably going to be fine.

Hewlett Packard.

So we got an HP PageWide XL plotter recently. Just got the HP Consumer Satisfaction Survey. HP is a batch of pushy little ass-gnomes, pushy survey, and limited text for responses. DUMB.

The PageWide XL is a beast of a thing and the god damn thing sounds like it's going to either launch, take off, or start heating a house.

The installation was fun. Intimate. Disturbingly intimate. Installers got real close, like frottage-rubbing up against me close. Would you like to hop on my lap you little sex freak?

Spotted this tied to the rafters at work. At one point we had a leak on our flat roof, so there’s a bucket. I’m not sure what was supposed to happen after the bucket caught the runoff. That’s not my department. LOL. Bucket.

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After I defeat a vim goblin, I always have to close about thirty tabs because Google just can't give you what you want, so you have to open up pages and pages of links in the blind hope that you stumble across the answer you are looking for.

Half the struggle is not being able to properly describe what you are searching for. You know what you want, you know what you want to see happen, but you can't get from ignorance to solution simply. You must struggle for it.

Well, that was a struggle. How to command vim to find lines with two patterns in the file. Everyone goes on about the pipe operator being logical or, but not an operator for a logical and. Removing false positives in a log of "found" malware, delete all lines where pdf and SSN are found. Pipe isn't it. Instead it's :g/pdf.*SSN/d, so logical AND here is .* for my needs. Learning vim is mostly a Google Struggle. A hundred links with the pipe example, one with the .* example. You bitch.

PUA.Win.Adware.Softpulse-6693791-0 - Do a Google search and get, well, bullshit. Pages and pages of no-detail goobledegook, someone named it but nobody thought to see what it did. I don't really care to know, just idle curiosity after all, the file is going away. But this is why Googling these virus and malware references are a waste of time.

29703 Infected Files. Mostly it's bunkum and false positives. PUA bullshit and whatnot, but that's what the rest of this morning has devolved into. Log slog.

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