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I hate fucking hidden kung-fu bullshit in IT. HP just told us that there is a secret way to boot to BIOS, hold power and the up/down buttons on a laptop and you boot to BIOS, it's hidden, it's secret, it's not in any manual I can find.

You fuckers. You dirty little shit-birds. Some god damn pencil-necked peice of shit thought that it would be cute. Fuck your cute little secret kung-fu shit.

Put it in the GOD DAMNED MANUAL.

And then finally, because I can't leave well enough alone, a coworker of mine came in, loud and braying and because my door was open just walked right on in and threw her keyboard in my lap and demanded that I replace the batteries. So I grabbed my Craftsman 6" folding knife to open the battery compartment and while she was getting replacement batteries, I briefly considered the knife in a different light. But then I put it away and laughed softly to myself.

Then the next bit, was on our fancy new website we have a Google Map showing all the locations of our branch offices. It requires a Google API key, so I have to set up billing and a gmail account and then get an API key. Then it didn't work, but then needed to also turn on JavaScript API for Maps, then it tried but failed due to a bad referrer line. Fixed that, and bam, now it works. But it will break when they move the site over to www. Alas, I know how to fix that.

Okay, so todays woes. First, the new host I have is re-writing the website URL to make it naked, so rewrites to, but for my folks here, the call to doesn't go to the remote host, but rather to the Domain Controller on-site, so the https is half-formed and you get a security failure notice. So, I've asked the host to switch everything from to

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WHAT THE HELL. Now Hulu is carrying the Democratic Debate! WHERE YA BEEN COTTER! Jesus On A Pogo Stick!

PlanGrid, the Herpes of the Construction Industry.

+ up time and energy all because PlanGrid has an all-or-none design.

This is bananas! But whatever, man. The user has abandoned PlanGrid and the problem has solved itself. This is such an underhanded trap, it's absolutely breathtaking. I still can't really believe that an account can get stuck like this. Wow. Just wow."

"I was just about to ask for money to upgrade him, but then we all had another meeting and we're going to shift all the work over to another employee who has a Crane license and Don will just go without.

So, people can use PlanGrid until they accidentally wander into a big project and then their account is either "Delete it" or "Upgrade" and nothing in between. No way to manage it. So he'd have to delete his account and then reach out again to be added to the relevant projects, gobbling+

"We have an employee, who was using PlanGrid, he had 4800 sheets in 7 projects and asked us for help because his iPad app told him that he could either delete sheets or upgrade his account. Obviously this makes no sense, there should be a third option which is to delete some sheets or leave projects, but that isn't possible. I thought we could do it online so I had him login, and no. Either delete account or upgrade.+

"Hey Google, I wish to firebomb Redmond Washington. Order a 55 gallon drum full of ANFO, some detcord, and a build-it-yourself trans-continental trebuchet."

On the plus side, I have picked up a new skill: Hacking WordPress installs for fun and profit. LOL. How do you create a new admin user? Well, buddy, it's easy when you have access to the root of the MySQL database!

Fucking Bollocks I say to nobody in particular. Network Solutions cannot host our new website, because I cannot upgrade the version of PHP that their host uses, and they have no clue what the modules 'fileinfo' and 'imagick' even are for PHP, so I flipped the switch and the dodgy old website is back. What a fucking royal pile of shit this is. So now I need to find a new fucking host.

I now have to find a new "Shiniest Turd in the Shitwagon". GOD DAMN IT.

Turns out the new company website is a paltry 19,800 files. So... it's gonna take a little bit to get it all installed. Also, the old site is still up, because apache appears to prefer html to php when it comes to serving up webpages. That means that WordPress isn't even loading unless explicitly called. That's actually an error that makes me look professional, like I did that on purpose.

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LOL. Network Solutions said that installing WordPress would give me the most updated version. So I installed it, and what did I get? 4.3.4. That is not the most updated version, that is 5.2.4. Ah well, I really am not that surprised, really. It is Network Solutions after all.

So I'm in the breakroom reheating my lunch and the office fuckwit comes in, just sauntering along. And then starts to clap, slowly. What the fuck is that, who the hell is clapping? Ah, the fuckwit.

I don't even acknowledge the fuckwit. He's a weird fucking dim pile of human stain on feet. Yeah, whatever. I'm done reheating my lunch so I pack it up and head back to my office.

I don't need that fuckwit in my life any more than I absolutely have to. God help us all.

+create new functions all by itself and add to the soup it operates in. Calling functions naturally, as a kind of emergent behavior. How many functions would build up over time, and how complex could they get if they were allowed to evolve on their own? It would be computing not done by design, but by filling a bucket of code-soup and giving it a kick.

It would require entirely new hardware and software to even start to model this.

The sort of things that come to mind when you're just shooting the moon.

+Where DNA was spliced with phosphorescence and when a strand of it was activated, the cell would light up. The notion that a cell would proceed like a linear program was expected, but the result was a all-at-once-mess. That started the shower-thought process. What if programming was more like a cell than a story? You have a "computer" that instead of processing things in a linear way by some sort of intelligent design you instead populate a code-soup with some basic functions, and allow the code to +

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