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Yeah, I have a blog, if you want to really get angry with me... LOL. 

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uspol / Individual 1 List of Atrocities 

+ it's secure! But then the other party starts asking for explanations on why it's important to secure this sort of communication.

What part of PII/PCI escaped you!

The world is by default insecure and ignorant. I feel like I'm trying to establish a communications protocol stack with Capuchin Monkeys!

God dammit. I have a b2b business case where I need to exchange PII/PCI data in a secure channel. Where do I start? Well, GPG. Fuck DAT. Nope. Other side doesn't know a single iota of any security at all. Ok, how do I establish a secure channel to get this data over to them? Do I trust the PSTN? Do I trust the USPS? FedEx? UPS?

So I went on a witless search for some protocol to use. I need a cipher, but can I share a password securely? Nope! Okay, what can I use?

Signal. It's free, it's open source, +

So, it's lunchtime. Do I go to my favorite place, which coincidentally is the only place that won't try to poison me? Golly. Yeah, I'm probably going to my favorite place. It's not like I have a choice.

Not that recreational weekend-on-the-potty is an option anyone would want.

"There's a new Restaurant in town!" -- "Fuck You. I'm all out of toilet paper for your stupid bullshit on a plate."

Being in IT means we know where everything is, even the stuff that should be strictly limited, like social security numbers of other employees. So, we should take a little moment out of our busy hustle and bustle to be thankful that I don't use my powers for evil. God, I have too much at my fingertips. LOL.

The single best thing I ever did in my life was pursue mindfulness and meditation practices. It has subtly changed me, so now I see the hustle-bustle that other people display, their wild emotional responses and their frustrations and I can sense the difference. I think it is also age too, being 44 I've seen more things than either of my coworkers have, but I definitely think that meditation has given me a certain something.

It's easier to just toss it in than leave it out. Just in case.

I should have said GNU Screen. We mustn't upset the GNU bureaucracy. Obvs I assume there is one, and I also assume they are grumpy. So I amend my statement. I love GNU Screen. ;)

I am, and always will be, very pleased by the 'screen' command. I know that tmux has supplanted it, but there is something very delightful about C-A/D and knowing that whatever onerous thing you've started will carry on without you on a linux boxen. YAY! I'm easily pleased. Yes I know, 1987 called. Still. When something works, it should be celebrated.

+ next I offer to make room in the voicemail system auto-attendant, but that gets blocked by management, there is no spare room, so we'd have to bump a branch. Boss declines. So, can't do that. What is left? Well, the PRI has twenty assigned DID numbers, are any of those used? Huh, one is derelict, lets grab that one. So now this coworker has their own very singular phone number that rings their line. It fixes the problem, in a roundabout way.

It was all I had left, that I could do...

Ah, the special agony of managing a phone system. A loud coworker, an angry coworker, a coworker who is actually a force of nature itself doesn't like it that people can't reach this coworker because the four digit extension is 1003. Sometimes DTMF tones don't come through, so sometimes the system thinks it's 1, or 3, or 0. Those go to different places altogether. So we have grumpy extension-holder problem to contend with. So I offer to change the extension, that was a fart in church... ok...

Welcome to another day on the Merry Go Round of Questionable Thought Processes. Where questions will be asked, inspired by the answers that were already given and apply again to the new question posed. How anyone uses a motor vehicle to get to work remains firmly in the realm of "Inexplicable Miracle"

Okay, that's it. Three very dumb statements in email at work and I am all done with stupid for today. It isn't Mercury Retrograde, so what is the excuse this time? Ah yes, unlimited cowardice, sloth, and mendacity!

Time to leave this silly place.

My exact response was "This solution works from anywhere on the planet, at any time, from any telephone. You dial your branch, use option 7. That's it."

I mean, here we stand at the crossroads of the 21st Century, we can connect to anyone else whenever we wish and we have the full body of human knowledge in our pockets.

And here we are. Asking questions like this. We deserve to go extinct.

So, a branch manager asks how to conduct a telephone conference call. I tell him that if he dials his branch number and uses option #7, it'll start a teleconference bridge. There are three iinstructions, dial the number for the branch, dial 7 for the bridge, and when done, hang up.

To which, his response "And what options do I have if I'm out of the office?"

And I repeat myself. Dial your branch, dial 7, enjoy. That's it.

I don't know how to make it more... simpler...

So, if you are expecting a sales call at 3:30pm and they miss the window, how long do you wait, customarily before you turn the transfer rule off and send all the incoming calls to voicemail hell?

I think I'm doing pretty good for resisting the urge to dispatch a visiting coworker from another office. This person is unpleasant in the extreme. The look, the voice, the thoughts, all of it. All I want to do is stab them between the eyes, disassemble the body into little pieces and bury it all in a field and then drive away never to return.

So yeah, I'm resisting that. YAY!

Human habitability on Earth is under palliative care.

Apparently there are a lot of Drones flying all over the prairies...

So I kind of wonder what would happen if you had a directed energy weapon, like a hacked magnetron in a pringles can (obviously the idea of it, not the actual it) and you just spewed out microwave energy at the noisy drone. Down it goes. LOL.

They say they fly high enough where bullets can't get them, but I bet grossly unfocused microwaves could.

Need something more than a pringles can, yaaah.

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