"Dark Mode" should be the DEFAULT *everywhere* 

@Blackknight Plus no Dockerfile crap. Just setup a rootfs on btrfs and you have change control and easy snapshots/backups that are atomic.

@Blackknight ... there are dozens of container things that follow OCI spec these days. Personally, I opt for not installing additional stuff; I use systemd-nspawn and machinectl, because they’re already there, and containers can be treated like any regular dæmon.

@Blackknight I *love* my Drobo 5N. It currently houses 8 TB, but I hope to get a payday soon and max it out soon.

The way things are going, by the time that happens, I’ll be able to put 64 TB of SSD storage in it. 🤣

By the time I finish moving applications to docker there will be something else out to replace it.

@SuperFloppies It's definitely time to replace this aging hardware but I'm having trouble getting approval to buy a new server.

Check out Vimville. It's not far from the shell station.

I like you, @crimetown@twitter.com, but not this much.

So, I just signed up for a account, and it has automatically suggested that I subscribe to r/programming, r/linux, r/Bitcoin, r/dataisbeautiful, and r/archlinux.

There is absolutely no way that is random, and that's fucking creepy.

@c1t7 File server isn't booting properly. The good thing is it isn't a production environment.

Rebooted NFS server last night, of course it didn't come back up.

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