"Dark Mode" should be the DEFAULT *everywhere* 

@Blackknight Plus no Dockerfile crap. Just setup a rootfs on btrfs and you have change control and easy snapshots/backups that are atomic.

@Blackknight ... there are dozens of container things that follow OCI spec these days. Personally, I opt for not installing additional stuff; I use systemd-nspawn and machinectl, because they’re already there, and containers can be treated like any regular dæmon.

@Blackknight I *love* my Drobo 5N. It currently houses 8 TB, but I hope to get a payday soon and max it out soon.

The way things are going, by the time that happens, I’ll be able to put 64 TB of SSD storage in it. 🤣

By the time I finish moving applications to docker there will be something else out to replace it.

Check out Vimville. It's not far from the shell station.

I like you, @crimetown@twitter.com, but not this much.

So, I just signed up for a account, and it has automatically suggested that I subscribe to r/programming, r/linux, r/Bitcoin, r/dataisbeautiful, and r/archlinux.

There is absolutely no way that is random, and that's fucking creepy.

Rebooted NFS server last night, of course it didn't come back up.

Who cares if the thing you want to build already exists. Build it anyway for the learning experience.

Consider unfollowing that person that always leaves you feeling worse about things.

@brion They are recovering the *entire* Internet!? Dear lord, that could take *hours*!!

I don't suppose anyone knows if there is a script in existence that will mirror the repositories off of a GitHub profile page, eh? I want to clone all of mate, and yeah, I can make a quick loop in the shell, and that's probably what I'll do this time, but this isn't the first time I have wanted to do something like this.

Kinda hoping someone else already did, but if not, I'll wind up tacking it onto my TODO list.

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