I just remembered I had one of these and it's so different now.

@notjustanotherhippy Early adopter mate, don't use it much to be honest, network effects and all that.

@notjustanotherhippy Early adopter mate, don't use it much to be honest, network effects and all that.

#NetNeutrality is necessecary for free software, a free society, and a free Internet. Join us for #NetNeutralityDay! https://u.fsf.org/29m

@animeirl @Elizafox Number of seconds (!) the electricity consumed by 1 VISA transaction could power 1 U.S. household: 19

Number of days (!) the electricity consumed by 1 Bitcoin transaction could power 1 U.S. household: 4.75


@alexandros I haven't seen one since about '99, I just assumed they'd all gone. Not that I need to use one for anything these days.

@Bingojackson I never got round to trying Vivaldi as I didn't have a reason to ditch Chrome. It's nice to no longer have to sacrifice speed to satisfy my open source leanings now though!

I've been using @vivaldi for quite a while now. It has the best history search tool of any browser and so far none of the problems of . I'll be having a look at the new though. I was a user for a long time.

Does anyone know if there's an instance especially for developers?

Vivaldi 1.10 is here! Download now for souped-up Start Page customization, docked Dev Tools (!) and heaps of finely tuned browser goodness. 🚀

Get the details → vi.tc/2t4kBXR

#browser #vivaldibrowser #update mastodon.cloud/media/BIXcI8NSU

@Chaos_99 Just goes to show that the whole of the internet is sick bug atop a pile of all the bugs that came before.

When you document your code, you should instantly receive gifts from the future you

Updates on Linux: "hey cool more free shit, I'll upgrade when it's convenient to me"

Updates on Windows: "fuck you time to reboot let's get some more spyware up in this bitch"

Has anyone used Jekyll in the wild? Particularly with a client who needed a ? Did the client 'get it'?

Regarding the popularity of #mastodon :
I believe hosting companies are playing here a vital role

WordPress has grew to be a large part of the internet - greatly facilitated by one-click-installs provided by hosting company.

I think in today day and age where so much #OSS tools are available we should see more hosting company dedicated to provide one-click instal for #mastodon but also rocketchat, nextcloud, etc


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