I wish I had gotten in on Inktober or Hacktober. I stink at these month long challenges!

Does anyone have any fave coding Youtubers such as MPJ at Funfunfunction? Give links plz!

You will be Terminated! Time to pick up my controller again (soon): Mortal Kombat 11 Official Terminator T-800 Gameplay youtu.be/PCn0r1amyN4

First day in the new office space! What a view! I'm really grateful 🙌

On the internet nobody knows when you’re not wearing pants

Being on (this) Mastodon (instance) reminds me of when I was running Linux and using IRC all the time. I love it. Like part of a underground. Maybe I should reinstall Linux and hang out in IRC again 🤔

Toot toot. Happy Monday all. Tired AF after moving offices for work. Now I get to sit next to a window 🙌

Oh hai. I need to check Mastodon more often. How's everyone's Saturday?

Ok I think I understand this instance thing. Sticking with mastodon.technology :D

"What is Mastodon?"

"It's a competition to see who can find the funniest domain name for their instance"

"I thought it was a social network?"

"Yeah it's that too, I suppose"

So what's the difference between the different Mastodon instances? Is it just to segment crowds?

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