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Tutanota just became the go-to open source email service. 🎉 Thanks team @fdroidorg for the awesome feedback! 😊 Read more:

so many thanks to shared me this! best thing ever🙂🙃

it is 4.0 with Cairo renderer (OpenGL and Vulkan crashes it) and the work is on this branch:

for the rotation effect:

I was just linked to a #peertube video for the first time outside of the federation.

Matrix looks quite good, but it feels like uncompleted to me

Federation Update:

✅- webfinger
✅- actor profile
✅- actor outbox
✅- remote profile fetch (also fetches 20 recent posts with images)
✅- Outgoing activity delivery
✅- actor inbox
✅- shared inbox
❌- activity transformer

We're close 😁

#pixelfed #pixeldev

┳┻| Psst, hey kid!
┳┻| _ Google
┻┳| •.•) "define eff"
┻┳| \
┳┻| \ 😜

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