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Please spread this message! Our government is trying to block and censoring all the internet.

Please help S.Korea's internet by sharing this message or write a toot with !

Does support header, bold etc? I can't find them at all...

I was going to create account on but they closed registration for now...

coso scam 

seems like they do not allow any interacts from the fediverse

it sucks

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YouTube is advertising service for

How do gain followers on Pixelfed.
Step 1: create account
Step 2: forget it exists for two months
Et voilà: 37 followers.
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We encourage #Firefox users who do not want US-based company Cloudflare to see which websites they are visiting to type about:config into their browser's address bar and then set:

network.trr.mode = 5

By the way: Though based on Firefox, TorBrowser is not affected.

#privacy #QuoVadisMozilla /c

Still not sure about the copy, but this is a good start. :pixelfed:

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