Today I discovered this method that stops an audiobook from being played without headphones. It's very easy to defeat(just mute the one of the channels) but still very neat

Not sure exactly how it works but if someone more knowledgeable wants to explain go right ahead

@tranarchist wow, that makes sense, I assumed it was because of some weird licensing, I'm dumb

@BadAtNames looks like one of the channels is inverted, creating destructive interference

@BadAtNames it sounds ok on my speakers as well but one of the speakers is being weird, so i assume its channel seperation

@BadAtNames select the left channel, n find the invert option on audacity n it will be stereo again

@BadAtNames when playing the audio through speakers both will be combined into a single channel, and the waves will perfectly cancel out, thus no sound.

all sound is overlapping sine waves, and if you add a wave and its opposite, you get no wave.

not exactly sure how this is supposed to defeat copyright but yeah it's cool

@cadence @BadAtNames well apparently it's less resource-intensive to combine the tracks than it is to match each one individually. Could be something completely different too though.

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