If ipv4 is so good why is there no ipv5

@brion @BadAtNames I want to make a joke about ipv42, but that's probably a reference too far these days.

@BadAtNames ipv4 was so good they skipped ipv5 and immediately continued with ipv6

abortion metaphor 

@BadAtNames windows 9 was so bad they traveled back in time and retroactively aborted it

@BadAtNames I assume ipv5 exists in the same universe as ECMAScript 4, and PHP 6, ...

@krinkle @BadAtNames Yes, it's the universe where your iPhone 2 runs Windows 9.

@BadAtNames Tediously literal answer: there was an “IPv5”; it was an experimental protocol which didn't come to much but used up that bit patten in the IP header version field.

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