Do you prefer when people post

:birdsite: links?

@BadAtNames seems that rewriting links to be mirror links instead is an appropriate responsibility for the client

@fool yes but most clients don't do this and it's a pain to do manually on mobile

@fool @BadAtNames My phone and computers do this, but I still appreciate links. It helps get the word out that alternative front ends exist. It's also so much better than the default Youtube frontend.

@BadAtNames invidious and hooktube links (especially ones that arent, like onions) can make it difficult to use stuff like newpipe and youtube-dl, thats my main issue. i dont watch videos from the web browser

@BadAtNames for the twitter/nitter one, nitter is so much better. i want a twitter-to-activitypub relay though (one that works; always had issues)

@cuniculus @BadAtNames ah, i learned something new. i never used hooktube

@wowaname @BadAtNames

Invidious is the new one which uses HTML5 Video player and not iframes to YouTube

@dublinux yeah, obviously. But sometimes you have to post a youtube link. What then?

@BadAtNames @dublinux you mirror it at peertube/IPFS and post the proper mirrored non-tracked URI. I think I saw a script that does that automatically. It's not that hard, youtube-dl does all the magic.

@BadAtNames YouTube links, because so my Inviditation addon can choose which instance I want to use.

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