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What if we put Duke Nukem's head on top of Megaman's body! 

lewd shitpost 

Cock and ball torture 

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@BadAtNames I mean, theoretically you can run a server but it doesn’t federate
at least it’s open source for some reason

She turned herself into a catgirl! Cutest shit I've ever seen!

Gab, no other CWs 

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Browsing gab, cw for everything you can expect on that website 

i have a magic power. every time i like one of ivy's new toots, it disappears and then re-appears slightly different

Still browsing gab, anti semitism. Probably don't open that link without tor or something 

Comments on gab about bitchute, nothing bigoted 

It was never really decentralized and it never really could've survived the main site shutting down but it's still funny

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There is nothing I hate more than:
1. Other poles
2. Gamers

oh lord i told my dad I use vim as my 2nd editor and he tried to understand what the fuck I'm talking about and just went "you know, that's great and I'll never learn but also what the fuck honestly?"

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