[credit to i think octolinghacker on birdsite? i got it from dancing_roach]

#2230 "Versus Bracket" 

its not even friday dude but fuck it its follow monday

go follow @spikes
hands down da best person from the new wave 😎 😎

@BadAtNames umm I LOVE NIGHT IN THE WOODS thank you i need to replay it now

i cannot function in a VM. it's bullshit and I'm still trying to stay in its hole

I know Mastodon only implements the federation side of ActivityPub, not the client support side, so you probably can't even submit such an activity to Mastodon. Maybe someone could test on one of the other implementations, though?

waiting for stadia to bomb so we can seal "cloud gaming" in the vaporware dimension for 10 more years

"What will I be remembered for?" the emperor asked.
"By whom?" the seer replied.
"By everyone!"
"Everyone? Some people have never heard of you."
"And those who will remember me?"
"The closer they were too you, the smaller things they will remember."
The emperor left, content.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

@BadAtNames "how many layers of postmodernism are you on?"
"like 2, or maybe 3, my dude"

one of the things i love about the internet is that while there is still pop culture here it's way way more broad than just a microcosm of "look at these tv/movie/music celebrities and these slightly relatable jokes". deep fried content-aware-scaled 3d renders of sans undertale doing the scrubs/fortnite dance to a bass boosted version of eurhythmics' "sweet dreams" is relatable content here. it's great

How is rustevangelismstrikeforce.com still avaliable for sale?

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