I have never browsed /r/all on reddit but I've started using it without an account recently and holy fucking shit the amounts of casual xenophobia I see on there are just sickening... What the hell is wrong with humans?

The pl situation is bad as in the right has only some good ideas and the left is really nonexistent so we are in, for now, permanent hell

I still can't get over how gorgeous the animation in "into the spider-verse" is...

@blender account is back online but "Spring" is nowhere to be seen... I know that the peertube is just a backup in case youtube decides to screw blender over but it's still sad that they don't care about it at all

I sometimes wish the torrent protocol included a way to talk with other peers because sometimes I just want to express how happy I am that I finally managed to download a torrent that I thought was dead without a chance of resurrection

why isn't the us administration working on improving time.gov/

it looks absolutely disgusting

the phrase "identifies as" with respect to gender is, in every scenario i can think of, unnecessary and potentially shitty. the word you're looking for is "is"

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Really looking forward to the next Blender Open Movie!
This one is called 'Spring' and will release in just two days online!
Was a blast to follow its development through the weekly production logs and updates on the Blender Cloud.

Video credit goes to Francesco Siddi.

please pretend that there is a disclaimer at the beginning of all my posts reading 鈥渋m white, kinda dumb, and may be wrong as shit about this鈥

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