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creepy horror movie cults

🤝 sacrifice child

OOM killer

I'm surprised how well people recieved hl: alyx being vr only

Do people who make music listen to their own songs?

So "Torvalds" is swedish for "Tech Tips", right?

Software is like an onion. If you open up the inner layers you start crying

I guess I have to get used to winters without any snow

Idea: A rust library that does unsafe operations for you so your code stays a 100% unsafe free and if anything goes wrong you can just blame it on an extern dependency

@BadAtNames This looks like a job for that zero-width space.
*Plays 1960s Batman theme song*

I've finally found a use for the clipboard pinning feature of swiftkey- easy access to the zero width space

I was trying to tell my friend the difference between opressed minorities and other hated groups and it all ended with us establishing that yes, Todd Howard can indeed just make a better game to get people to stop hating on him. (and stop re-releasing skyrim every odd year).

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