aha! Chris has something working on app ✌

meanwhile what happened? the new theme is on master Runtime?! CπŸ‘€L πŸ™ƒ

@KekunPlazas @BabyWOGUE thanks! I'm currently trying to do Tobias's switcher mockups, but having some trouble getting the sizing code right

@BabyWOGUE But we already have Tootle ( So it's not true there's only a Electron app for #GNOME, cause Tootle is GTK3.

@jeroenpraat @BabyWOGUE Tootle is bound to Elementary OS and not available to the wider Gnome audience tho...

@bleakgrey @BabyWOGUE @jeroenpraat @Antanicus

As far as I know, that's not in progress yet. Also, I started my project before that issue was ever filed :)

@brainblasted @bleakgrey OK, I don't say anything any more πŸ˜‰ . I just wanted to be sure you both know that you develop the same application for almost the same target audience.

@Antanicus @BabyWOGUE

@jeroenpraat @brainblasted @bleakgrey @Antanicus @BabyWOGUE there isn't anything wrong with having several alternative implementations of an open protocol! Especially if they're using somewhat different tech (gtk-rs w/ .ui files vs Vala with manually populated widgets & libgranite)

You know how many Android clients there are for :mastodon:? And they're all using Java/Kotlin with the Android framework...

@Antanicus @jeroenpraat @BabyWOGUE not true, it's on Flathub and I installed it on my plain GNOME/Fedora today

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