i got triple apps for triple happiness! but i also have new switches 🙃

i know the theme is not ready and all, but finally gets modernized! gratz to and whoever else pushed that! probably it was

I don't get it... what's so cool about it?
Didn't GNOME3 have those ugly Android-like toggle widgets from the beginning?

@Wolf480pl @BabyWOGUE for me, it allows consistent user experience both on phone and desktop

@alexcleac @BabyWOGUE meh...
for me, phone and desktop are 2 different things, used for 2 different purposes, working on 2 different sets of data, and having 2 different sets of UI devices requiring 2 different UXes, each optimized for the corresponding input device.

@alexcleac @BabyWOGUE
For example, on desktop you don't need 10px padding on every menu item, because with mouse you have much better precision than with touchscreen, and having so much padding is just a waste of space.

@Wolf480pl @BabyWOGUE in fact, lots of modern computers do have touchscreens, so those paddings are relevant. And gnome gives a bit better tablet experience than Windows thanks to those paddings and whole gestures. It is sometimes better than feeling.

As far as I understand things, is aimed to be multi-purpose experience, on phone, tablet and desktop simultaneously. And it does it’s job nice. There are two ways of making things, and this one is better IMO

@alexcleac @BabyWOGUE
Well, out of all my friends, only one has a computer with touchscreen (specifically: Thinkpad Yoga). So from my point of view, a computer with a touchscreen is a relatively new thing that few people can afford.

As for two ways of doing things, I don't believe the Gnome way is superior. Maybe it's better for some usecases, but not for all of them.

@alexcleac @Wolf480pl @BabyWOGUE GNOME isn't really aimed to be multi-purpose for phones, tablets and desktops.

The primary target is the laptop. (and I guess desktop fits with it as well)

Whenever possible, we try not to exclude those other targets, but they aren't targets at the same level as laptops/desktops.

Big click areas aren't just useful for on a touch screen, they are useful for the laptop/desktop case as well: shitty touchpad, people in need of a11y, etc…

@alexcleac @Wolf480pl @BabyWOGUE there have been talks of a "compact" variant of Adwaita though, like there already is a dark variant.

@mathieu @alexcleac @BabyWOGUE
Sounds reasonable.
But in this case, why do the checkboxes look like on Android?

@mathieu @alexcleac
uh, I mean those things on the screenshot in this thread.. what do you call them... toggle buttons?

@Wolf480pl @alexcleac "switches" :

("toggle buttons" are regular buttons, but when you click them they stay in a "pressed" state, until you click them again to bring them back to their normal state)

Switches aren't checkboxes, they are a different widget, used for different reasons.

That's why GNOME uses both, depending on the case.

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