a demo to installer and configuration


and two additional awesome things!

and actually is pre-installed, and was rejected! it is not even on repos ..and i hope it stays like that!!

a quick demo on

1. Lollypop New Sidebar

2. Drawing New Editing Controls

3. the Starter Template (thats super cool!)


Ubuntu Snap Store side by side w GNOME Software


and one thing that Snap Store does a little bit better, is scaling the contents on larger screens

which btw is an awful issue in most GNOME apps; they just cant scale on large screens :/

another video w support on Picture of the Day ..and background song that will get my struck ..but all "Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt" soundtrack is awesome!!


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I finished up how I want the Social app to look on the most important views. Now I have an idea of how CWs should look, profiles, and I changed up the main view.

not using (or anything from at all) is actually your duty, if you *CARE* about open source

it is not about if Ubuntu is bad or good, it is about going against to all these Canonical awful practices, in all their years of existence

somewhere inside this video, you will find some new cool animetions in Calendar :)


demo on Search panel w the option to re-arrange the Shell Search Providers!!


i have attached MRs on YT pinned comment ..b/c i cant fit everything on Twitter :)

Acapella Bryan Lunduke in two minutes on editor! i so so so love this program!!

makings video

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