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Maybe I should introduce myself before just going off to do my typical posting on a new instance. Hello! I'm Sam, I'm a fresh comp sci graduate :)

I play games and run esports orgs, have an unhealthy fascination with heavy industrial vehicles, and like to code. Nice to meet everyone!

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me: hey did you know theres a bunch of slime between your organs to stop them from bruising eachother and we dont know whether to classify it as an organ
sam: thats the most mika response to "hey i think youre really cool"

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I despise the culture around helping people move. Like, you're not supposed to say no? It's a "paying it forward" kind of thing, but also you're asking for a significant amount of sometimes time and effort.

In any case I'm arguing with a friend who doesn't want to let me pay them to help me move and its making me uncomfortable

ARR spoilers 

Haurchefant, to the WoL: I have STOKED the fires HIGH in great anticipation of your arrival, my dear friend!

Haurchefant, to Alphinaud: Oh, hi Alphinaud.

I guess, to be fair, this is the result of interacting with 3 different companies on a daily basis over the last month. I could probably remove teams at this point

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Starting a support group for people who've lost their partners to ffxiv

That's right! We're going TO America, FROM America!

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@Aleums @Azura damn I can't believe you're going with the japanese dub over the original english πŸ™„

The instructor for my Azure course says "YUUGE" exactly as trump did and i can't take it seriously.

What accent is this ??

I make it sound bad, but i really do love my work with my parent company, and my current contracted company is shaping up to be pretty good as well.

It's not so bad at the end of the day

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My company contracts my software consulting out to other companies.

I get the joy of working for TWO bureaucratic companies.

Two time cards
Two bosses
Two sources of corporate bs meetings

Apartments vanish the moment you tell them you need short term leases πŸ˜”

Watching the subtitles come up with a new way to say "Azure" every time is very funny

Learning to think critically in my 20's is a very strange thing. There's so much content and media that I rewatch and have completely different reactions to.

Sometimes it's as simple as a show not being as good as I thought it was, but other times there's massive implications and themes that went completely over my head.

It's kind of cool getting to reexperience a lot of media this way

Alphinaud from far away will never not be hilarious why are you so small

ffxiv spoilers 

When you tell the catboy he can't play in the ruins yet

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I feel pretty okay about being placed remotely at an Alabama company for work. As long as i'm remote, location doesn't matter to me.

My coworkers already at the client say the culture is really nice, but we'll see if that's cishet people nice, or actually nice

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