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Maybe I should introduce myself before just going off to do my typical posting on a new instance. Hello! I'm Sam, I'm a fresh comp sci graduate :)

I play games and run esports orgs, have an unhealthy fascination with heavy industrial vehicles, and like to code. Nice to meet everyone!

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@Azura however Mika is pretty small, so you might have to adapt this technique for birds in a pinch

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see it's only THREATENING to bite, which is how you know mika truly loves you!
have you tried that towel burrito technique that people use for giving their cats pills

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Being in a relationship with Mika is carrying him from bed to the computer, as he actively threatens to bite

Mika and I have an ongoing feud of saucy pizza vs cheesy pizza

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@FirstProgenitor @Azura that sound you hear is Mika regretting letting us know his boyfriend's account

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me, turning to sam: so do you wanna play apex
me: why is your shirt off
sam: i didnt mean to
me: you didnt mean to take your shirt off?
sam, going under his blanket: i didnt mean to

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Stealing Mika's phone and laptop so he has to get out of bed

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Me: this hoodie is yours

Mika: no it isn't

Me: it is! It isn't mine!

Mika: look, it's a medium, it isn't mine

Me: That's so strange, I've never seen it before. Ill take it then I guess

Mika: ....

Mika: No

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Reply to this post and I will kin assign you a synthesizer

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sam: kiss?

me: kiss!

sam: boyfriends!

me: according to who?

sam: :(

me: according to the government

sam: legally boyfriends

me: boyfriends for insurance reasons

Induction stoves.

Pros: can be counter space, easy to clean

Cons: cooking on them

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