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Hmm, I can either watch the movie "Morons from Outer Space" on youtube or buy it. no other options.

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In the series "Midnight Occult Civil Servants" they have their own search engine for finding out about the spirit beinga they call "anothers". And of course it's called the "Another Search System"

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Went downtown for groceries and everywhere OUTSIDE smells like sanitizer. I mean EVERYWHERE!

Life is more fun when you anthropomorphize everything.

Hmm contemplating furries at 3:00 AM. So what's wrong with that?

So there's around 15 drive thru testing centers now hoping to achieve 1000 tests a day. We should be able to get everyone tested in 54 years.

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Due to the random way I'd watched "Star Trek the Next Generation" I decided to binge it to catch episodes I'd missed. So far (season 4 episode 9) I have not yet seen one I've missed?

"The mojo can protect or curse. The mojo can reach everywhere"
OH TV in background Adam-12 series.

First time I've heard a huge thunderclap during a heavy snowstorm EVER!

Judge Judy is on in the other room. During commercial an ad for Judge Judy asks"Are you the victim of a scam? Go to our website". Back to the show, Judge Judy is verbally berating the victim of a scam for being a fool and an idiot.

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Miss Komoe always orders the weirdest stuff at those raman stands and always gets them.

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@Gargron @hyperlink can't find an instance with low enough standards to admit a buzzfeed writer

So I'm into #71 of "Kyo Kara Maoh" thinking: " There is so much paperwork in this fantasy world I don't really want to visit".

In this anime there's a running joke about the portents of bad news, the "bad-omen" bird flies over yelling "bad-omen" in japanese?.
See them before a catastrophic comic occurrence. I don't know what is going to happen next yet but a WHOLE FLOCK of bad-omen birds just flew overhead in episode 63.

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