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@smays I think I've seen one of those pre-internet. Not every garage has one :coolcat:

@sophie I wonder how one would measure a temperature like that since all normal measuring methods depend on phenomenon that doesn't even exist near that temperature.

@jimbob Either one is probably better than VB macro language in Excel.

@mrjunge Don't let us stop you, it's not like anyone's paying attention anyway.🤪

@deshipu Normal air is the most common thing to declare a vacuum in, nothing more. If you don't specify, no one can answer correctly without making assumptions based upon normal practices.

@deshipu 2 pounds per second. Mind you, it can't possibly be a linear function though because as soon as half the air pressure is gone it takes at least twice as much pumping to keep up the same flow.

@gregatron5 Hmm, does apple have whitelisted phone numbers? Because the Phone number can be faked.

@jackbaty Patience is what you need when you don't particularly enjoy the job.

@CodingItWrong Lazy french toast. can't even be bothered to wash a fork, we gotta dunk the toast.

@avolkov As the surface area of the active metal is consumed the voltage remains the same but the current drops. Now, more power is being dissipated in the battery than in the LED.

@jackbaty I could probably put that back together. It's my major hidden talent. I don't get to do it often but it's like doing a 3D puzzle.

Oh I so wanted to reply to that tweet but they deleted it 5 seconds after I saw it.

@brion That very issue was in a short story I'd read as a kid.

@brion The entire engine was the flywheel, saving in excess weight but the aircraft were subject to gyroscopic precession and would force the nose up or down depending on which direction the plane turned. As explained to me by my Dad.

@dankwraith It's the main reason the FBI can't hire special class hackers to their team.

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