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@Stellar That could injure you. If you're still thirsty I'd get checked for internal bleeding.

@Archimage Mayo always comes with a blue lid, maybe it should be blue?

@aezart Seems like something that would be installed on a computer you do not own i.e. a school or business computer. Not something I'd willingly install on mine.

@gudenau So the captcha was considered a country specific thing maybe?

@ashfurrow Striping using raid 0 is great for speed but multiplies the chance of failure which is why raid 1/0 is recommended for the mirroring. However, The performance charts I've seen say raid 5 (stripe,stripe,CRC) is better for SQL server as it writes to the drives faster.

@ashfurrow My last raid build was raid 10. Not actually the tenth version but combines raid 0 and raid 1. 4 drives, twice as fast as one drive.

@rysiek For a while there Firefox was a real piece of work but that was many years ago.

@Archimage They just see the "no burning" warning signs and say "It doesn't apply to me"

@fifonetworks Hmm, I would have had a 50-50 chance on having caught that as I skimmed the policy, had I had the occasion to visit the site.

@gudenau The "K" series probably means that section failed.

@xnx38h Well, it is the first time Microsoft was honest about the fact that new versions of windows always need you to discard your old computer and get a new one although I'm not going to buy a TPM to make windows 11 work on my machine.

@brion Kinda what happens when you forget to over rate the cables to compensate for global warming. if only we'd known.

@suetanvil Compilers want so much yet seem to have so little need for it.

Software gore 

@xorowl I mostly like clonezilla, but macrium reflect looks pretty good. However, The windows imaging tool kit works ok. The latter two can resize the partitions on restore as well without complications. Macrium reflect properly converts from mechanical to ssd also.

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@xorowl I've seen Windows eat itself so many times I now image them after install+first round of updates.

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@xorowl UEFI made recovering boot images a ton harder than it needs to be.

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@xorowl Add one or the other, not both.

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