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@gudenau I did look. Stunned at the absolute number of printed circuit cables that do NOT match that arrangement.

@gudenau An AGP card socket should fit if the pin distances match.

@tn5421 I've always wondered at the efficacy of those ladders considering you're not supposed to use the last two steps to climb on for safety reasons, which makes a three step ladder kinda lame.

@Archimage I 'inherited' a bunch of it. I have yet to use ANY. And yet, I don't throw it away.

@john The digital equivalent of "From vinyl, to CD to streaming"

Really out of context Snapshot of the Anime I'm watching. May be offensive. 

I lol'ed bad when this showed up.

@gbrnt It looks very much like the result of a leak somewhere. the waveforms all drift up when low, and down when high for any period of time.

@gbrnt Seems like it would be usably accurate only if the air pressure changes happen at strictly regular instances.

!!When "USB 2.0 controller" is disabled in BIOS, I noticed some USB ports are not available. !!
--> Faq for a motherboard.
I never bothered to look at the answer.

@travisfw For those usually tiny things that is fairly big. Still, it wouldn't try to attack something larger than it could reasonably eat unless it was going to die. Given the size differential, I'd be of the same mind in a similar situation. -->> Facetiously Given.

@travisfw Without something to reference for size, that actually looks big enough to take care of small mice.

@erm67 Sounds like the activities of a Nigerian Prince!

@cuchaz The first board I etched used a special masking tape to 'draw' on plain copper. There are many rub on etch resist patterns for PC boards. Ferric chloride is relatively harmless but it leaves permanent stains. Also, it has a nasty aggressive appetite for aluminum. The last time I experimented, I used clear sheet on a laser jet to make the mask and photo'ed it onto a presensitized board. It worked.

@cuchaz When I used to etch boards, they need to be seriously clean before dunking them in ferric chloride to eat the unmasked copper.

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