Really out of context Snapshot of the Anime I'm watching. May be offensive. 

I lol'ed bad when this showed up.

Amusing but off color 

Anime translation never ceases to make me laugh.

About a third of my C64 disks. My PC disks are buried somewhere in the closet.

Under windows, this machine crashes repeatably. It's duplicate does not. Booting Mint and running 8 copies of memtester to max 8 out of twelve threads. I have yet to see just what is crashing. Running this about 48 hours now. WTF! fail dangit! :mario:

This is my little girl, who knows all her tricks. She plays dead when I point and say "BANG". Only the second dog I've ever trained. We taught her to not ever bite and all she's ever needed was a gentle no and a bit of water. Loves everyone, gets testy when you don't say hi!

Mortar is composed of basically the same material as concrete except that its composition has been altered to increase the ease of workability and decrease the setting time of the mixture.

Here's something that was scrubbed from the web years ago.

I have yet to hook this Pi 3B to a monitor. I tried the premade image for the LCD and it worked. For the newest raspbian (below) I had to copy the files to the freshly written image and enable ssh as well so I could log in to install the drivers. It worked. Might try Ubuntu mate next as there's drivers for that too.

My first Raspberry Pi. An entire system around 160 times faster than my first pc-xt clone. IN THE PALM OF MY HAND!

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