Trumpie at this weeks standout was going off saying they were an intellectual, we were all sheep, and that none of us knew what communism really was. I asked them to define communism if I’ve been lead astray. They really said, “You, you are the definition of communism.” 💀💀💀
Hello nice to meet y’all I am communism.


@sofrita He just like having names, doesn't actually care what they mean. Except for the one that fits, facism. Because his handlers tell him it's not a nice thing.

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@AskChip Oh ya that’s one thing I’ve learned from counter-protesting they just need a name, a singular enemy that they’re told to direct their energy at and for the most part they tend to not go further than that. It’s so crazy they’ll self project screaming that we’re all sheep when they get their news and beliefs from Trump Campaign emails 💀💀💀

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