I'm trying to repair my bro's laptop.

Model: MSI GS63
Motherboard: MS 16k41 (?)

The charging port is dead and it seems that I need to take out the motherboard to replace it.

I've done what I can to unfasten the MoBo, but there's still something keeping it in.

I believe there is one screw left which is inserted from the opposite side of the board. I don't know how to access it.

Last pic indicates issue.


@holden Why does that look like a tiny square bit screw?

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@AskChip Are you referring to the one I highlighted?

If so I have no clue right now. I'll do more work and investigate...

@holden Yes, it looked like one of the "off" screws they often put in as a one off security measure to prevent taking it out.

@holden I have a special set of cheap security bits; includes squares. There are some real winners in security screws. Used to be they were always one torx screw, but everyone has a torx kit these days. Coffee pots often have one split slot screw to make it harder. Before I got the kit, I'd take a miniature chisel (made from discard dental tools) and tap them out painfully. Hard drives are all tiny torx.

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