Two views of a 22-degree circular #halo around the sun that I saw on a walk this afternoon.

Halos are a lot more common than I used to think. Then I started actually looking for them. Even on a warm day like today, there can still be ice crystals higher in the atmosphere of the right size and shape to cause a display like this (or even more complicated ones).

#photos #optics #sky #silhouette

@kelsonv Have seen those halos quite a bit and I'm fairly certain they are more frequent than when I was much younger.


@kelsonv Increased CO2 and methane (CH4) in the atmosphere made sunsets more orangy as well since CO2 has a higher Index of refraction than Oxygen or Nitrogen. This I looked up after seeing a stunning sunset with much yellow and orange about 45 years ago.

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@AskChip I can totally imagine that changes in atmospheric composition and temperature could impact the frequency of the right types of ice crystals forming.

I also seem to recall reading that noctilucent clouds we're either increasing in frequency or starting to appear at lower latitudes over the last decade or so.

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