There’s a book, I read it many years ago under the title “The Stardroppers”, but an earlier and shorter draft was also published under the title “listen! The stars”, about a small Device that looks like a radio, but allows you to listen to the vibrations of the stars. This is the titular stardropper.

I like the book. It’s a cheesy sci-fi thriller. I want a stardropper.

Within the context of the novel, this is presented first as an addiction, and later as a means of transcending the limitations of this mortal coil.

In practice, it’d look like a little transistor radio, but play at least partially generative ambient music, with a knob that would widely vary the output.

In my head, it sounds like C64 era, or SNES era chiptunes. Sparse notes, sweeping tones, lots of arpeggios.

I want one.

The trick is that it needs to be pretty close to genuinely generative. Close enough that even with repeated close listenings, no real discernible pattern emerges.

Computer generated ambient stellar jazz.

I’m not a musician. I’ve never done any real audio programming. I don’t know how impossible this would be to code, although I imagine the answer is somewhere on the extreme side of “pretty much completely”.

Any tech savvy musicians (or music savvy technicians) out there want to take a crack at it?


@ajroach42 Sounds like a white noise generator with specialized filtering, much like some of the more complex sleep machines.

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