One thing I learned on birdsite is that there are animated gifs for just about every concept you ever want to display and a bunch you wouldn't.

Finally found the clear interrupt function. For as many times as they warned about having to clear the interrupts before returning or enabling, they could have linked to the peripheral module control registers associated.

OK, I am missing something. PIC 12F1571. Summary of data sheet: Interrupts perform their own register saves.
Cool. "note" always clear interrupt
Interrupts are very granular
ok. "note" always clear interrupt
There is a register with records of all occurring interrupts.
Always clear interrupts before re-enabling interrupts.
The above register is read only.
Multiple times over the same data sheet. Still no clue how to clear interrupts.

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So I knew Alt-Right could be beyond ignorant, but even I am shocked at this.

I wonder if An informal poll of radio listeners has ever been done:
1. Contest. Whenever the DJ says something you disagree with, call in. You are given a number into the prize lottery at the end of DJ's shift. Then during the day, different DJ's troll alternatively but subtly right wing or left wing comments. If you get over 100 calls, the lottery happens, less than that, it doesn't.
In other words, increasing listeners for the contest while collecting averages of people's political affiliations. 🤔

Amazon Prime is so easy to sign up for I didn't even realize i had signed up for it. WTF!

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I'll just tell my password manager to remember my master password for me...


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Lost me left eye when a bunch of mutant seagulls came at me.
So how did you lose your right?
Don't know, came at me from me left.

Series: "The Kirlian Frequency". A spooky radio show, 8 nine minute episodes. Quite twisted. All about a town purposely hidden off the map so outsiders won't visit. But some do.

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linus torvald's house is really hot and dark because he refuses to install windows

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Bangood sells a remote control gas powered Baja car about 2 foot(<2/3 meter) long that can do about 80 km/h. Costly but all I can think is this beast needs a pair of FPV cameras!

First time for everything, got rickrolled by a "slightly modified" TRS80 model 100.

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