Anime "Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai" is one of the most fun intellectual problem stories I've watched in a long time. Not dark like "Serial Experiments Lain"; but a light hearted dissertation of the quantum universe translated into real world problems.

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Hey! Two months in a row a client has dropped a contract on me. I'm unable to afford rent this month.

If you, or your buisness, needs a quality website with included hosting, please, for the love of god, check me out at

$850 for a great website, full hosting for ten years, SEO, I'll write you a goddamn novel, I'll burn down your competitors place of business.

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@AskChip Isn't it amazing how quickly people forget *how to* drive?


NY is getting the snow now, is it ever messed up. Saw at least five accident results on the way home less than an hour after it started even though traffic was only going 20 mph.

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Funny, my phone will only auto rotate 270 degrees.

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Dear people who write bots: please respect the #nobot tag in people's bios.

Also if your bot is auto-following people, it needs to explain *why* it wants access to follower-only toots!

It would suck if most people felt forced to turn on follow approvals just because of unsolicited spam bot follows.

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introducing the new Apple Smackintosh, it's improved design now allows us to add a robotic arm to smack you with should you try to do something that violates the TOS

I hear the TV in the background where an 'expert" claims that a high voltage High current pulse of one hundredth of a nanosecond is required to trigger this nuclear device.
Please, Hollywood, stop making up blatantly stupid craptech.

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#Firefox #ProTip: Stop videos from autoplaying! (Updated for Firefox 63!)

1. Go to `about:config` and convince it that you know what you're doing.

2. Search for `media.autoplay.default`.

3. Double-click `0` and enter `1` if you want to always block, or `2` if you want to be prompted for every site that tries to autoplay (which can help with some sites that don't work quite right with blocked autoplay.)

4. Enjoy your significantly-more-pleasant browsing experience!

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A young girl, probably about 11 years old, just walked into this coffee shop wearing a blue leotard and tap shoes. She bowed to the entire shop and then launched into a tap dance routine right in front of the door.

She got about 10 seconds into it when an adult -- I assume a parent or guardian -- raced in the door after her exclaiming "No no no, not here!"

"Angels of Death" was a delightfully twisted story. So craven and vile. So unutterably insane all the way through.

"Jingai san no Yome" isn't quite what I expected. It's a good thing episodes are only 3 minutes each. 3 Minutes?! It happens so fast and surreal.

"A Certain Magical Index" continues! It feels like they changed writers or maybe, a subtle change in the writer? Did the writer get married or something?

"That time I got reincarnated as a slime". Wow did I ever mistake my reaction to that series. It's pretty decent and has a fairly serious side to it.

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old math joke: why is hallowe'en the same as christmas?

OCT 31 = DEC 25
Octal 31 = Decimal 25

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you say: we can't end poverty. it's too expensive.
you mean: billionaires can only exist through human sacrifice.

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