Oh I so wanted to reply to that tweet but they deleted it 5 seconds after I saw it.

Really out of context Snapshot of the Anime I'm watching. May be offensive. 

I lol'ed bad when this showed up.

!!When "USB 2.0 controller" is disabled in BIOS, I noticed some USB ports are not available. !!
--> Faq for a motherboard.
I never bothered to look at the answer.

M&M weather here for the next couple weeks here. Mud and Mold. This Spring will not be fun.

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I just got a call from someone named "SPAM RISK" according to the caller ID. I did not pick up.

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if you engage in astrology, do you:

I wonder, if the FDA defined a vaccine as a "certified homeopathic treatment" could you get more right wingers to have them? After all, the theory is that a 'diluted' form of the virus is used matches up with the homeopathic pseudoscience.

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Dirty joke 

Mike was drinking at the bar as usual ranting away:
"I built bridges all over this valley but do they call me Mike the bridge builder? Nooo."
Take another slug on his beer.
"I've cemented more block, stone and rock than any man around here but do they call me Mike the mason? Noooo!"

"But ya fuck one goat."

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I invite you to speculate in the comments on what they might have been told in the associated class, but the poll concerns a first year secondary school question (in Italy) which asks:

"True or false, the successor to pi is pi+1".

Please boost to get beyond my bubble - thx.

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@r000t Since I'm a passive aggressive, I usually let them know in a way that just slides just under the trigger for that response.

PETG did pretty decent at 250C, I printed legos usably well finally. They print great in PLA but click together one or two times. Real legos are ABS but I don't have the necessary ventilation in the winter time.

The Plexaderm commercials remind me of the Catwoman movie right down to the seashell ingredients.

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And I changed out my hot water heater. It decided to blow up some time when I was sleeping. Re did the water supply in the same location. Being able to do it my self means it's done today, not next week. That, and paying someone to do it is not in my budget.

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"Foolish human!" the demon's voice was like dry leaves and venom as it spat the words, "soon, my darkness shall cover your pathetic world!"

"You really think I'm scared of the dark?" her voice was laden with unhidden skepticism.

"You should be, human," it sneered, "I shall return this world to the dark from whence it came. Darkness is eternal. All powerful! You cannot stop it! I will—“

Its last sentence was cut off abruptly as she switched on a light.

#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

This is not the first suspension of hostilities between Israel and Palestine negotiated by the US; BUT it is the first one negotiated to specifically to suspend the land grab until just after the election.

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