Of course you can't turn it off, what did you expect?

Eureka S2E2, This is "Oh you just gotta press that button don't you" episode.

Been getting youtube recommendation notifications for a while now. When did I turn that on?

Just replaced ANOTHER broken elbow joint under the trailer in the mud. Hot water feed dead center of the trailer. Lay flat and creep through the 12 inch height space with little sharp edged crossbeam in the middle of my back. Caught my forehead on that years back. Claustrophobic horror show till you reach the other side. Backing up is easier because you're watching the dripping hanging fiberglass receding.

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the longer twitter is down, the higher the chance that a given twitter user will make a mastodon.social account, make two toots and then leave forever the second twitter comes up again

S1E12 anime? "Phoenix" First scene thoughts: "Oh yeah, you hadda see that coming a mile away"

Oh yes, so meta. An Anime that has a hundre writers of Anime/illustrators writing a story/world to save them from one a rogue fan site created to destroy reality by bringing all their stories to life.

In a saturated sugar solution, dropping any particle or contaminant tends to trigger the formation of crystals. Ice crystals of water in the upper atmosphere form when the wings of planes disturb them as they are supersaturated a 0C or below.

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Wow, Gate on Amazon Prime has two sets of subtitles and they're subtly different.

Oh, of Course! An interdimensional missile is the solution. That's doable.

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Huawei is a very trustworthy company.

IMG. Courtesy: Programmers will conquer the hello world

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"Free speech defenders": how dare you censor nazis, first they came for --
me: who's "they"?

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How many times do you think this sign was stolen before they resided to stick a tracker on it?

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What do you use as your daily driver?
(Boosts appreciated)

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"5 stars i love this product i havent used it yet but i am excited!!!!1111"

wtf that's not how reviews work

About a third of my C64 disks. My PC disks are buried somewhere in the closet.

Bacon is another thing people seem to think goes with everything:

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