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Apologies in advance for making this

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Woo, got AirPods head motion tracking working with Unity! Next step - integrate with ARKit with some shweet 🤓

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maybe you've gotta remote learn this year, which it turns out is kind of hard if you don't have a setup!

so we're giving 1 winner who likes & RTs all this: an NZXT computer + logitech gear + nice ergo chair

legal words: discord.com/terms/back-to-scho

That Braille input method. I love it.

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I thought I would share how I, as someone who is visually impaired use my iPhone.☺️

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I just started a new discord server which I'm calling "Trans Game Dev" - it's an invite only server exclusively a safe space for trans game developers.

Send me a DM for invite. It's literally just me on there for now but hey could become a nice little space!

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Check out part 1 of my compilation video series!

Games by: @aldegheridavide@twitter.com @myhairis_blue@twitter.com


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The World Ends With You anime announced by Square Enix

Official website


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Global Game Jam’s response to the Black Lives Matter movement and their treatment of the community is embarrassing and I feel it’s important to share my feelings as well as my past experience serving the board of GGJ.

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and as usual, I wrote a (lengthy) spoiler-filled artist statement that you can read instead of playing the game, playing games is overrated tbh blog.radiator.debacle.us/2020/

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NEW GAME: Hard Lads is a short masculinity simulator about shirtless hunks who smoke, drink, kiss, and hurt each other. (free / donation) (windows / macos / linux) (SFW imo) radiatoryang.itch.io/hardlads

I felt like a proud uncle when I saw this. As in, I did absolutely nothing to make this come to pass, but I'm so giddy at seeing the kid grow XD Congrats @AudacityIntDK@twitter.com on the... announcement? =þ

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We're giving away a Wacom One every day for six days! Now the second day – 5 chances left to win! Retweet this tweet and follow the Clip Studio Paint official account to enter! More info & entry rules here: clipstudio.net/promotion/givea

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Made a 122 page Level Design document where I gather useful senior dev knowledge.
The goal was to gather up all this knowledge in one place. Both for learning and as reference.

Hopefully people find it useful and any feedback is welcome 😄


If you don't know how to help, here's how. There are links on this carrd to donate money, to donate even if you have no money, to sign petitions, to call and email, to educate yourself and understand this situation better. You can help. blacklivesmatters.carrd.co

Have my friends at @MeetinVR@twitter.com seen this??

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PinchType: Text Entry for Virtual and Augmented Reality Using Comfortable Thumb to Fingertip Pinches @sig_chi@twitter.com EA @Facebook@twitter.com Reality Labs

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happy 13th anniversary to one of the absolute best comedy sketches of all time

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ok controller designers, what the fuck am I supposed to say when a non-gamer is holding the controller and I need them to press one of these?

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