I just dreamed about a concept that's never gonna happen, so I might as well just put it on Twitter. I don't mean "never gonna happen" as in "idea I'll never make", more like "EXTREMELY improbable in the current state of film." I'm calling it "Dark and Stormy."

Take Romeo and Juliet. It's been adapted into film many times. Some of the films stick more closely to the original script, some less. Some introduce twists that they hope you don't expect.


Now imagine there was a crime / whodunnit film that reached a certain level of cult status. We'll call it "Dark and Stormy." Movies are made "copying" the film, i.e. adaptations. Original is live-action, an anime version is made. Set in the 1800s, set in modern times, and so on.

Over time, the plot of the film becomes well-known enough that it becomes its own beast, in people's minds separate from the original one who spawned it. All of the versions are recognizable as being "Dark and Stormy" because they all share the same thing:

The central conflict, the way that the murder is committed / the chaos surrounding the time of murder, is always the same. For those ten-twenty minutes of movie, you know EXACTLY what you're expecting. After that, each movie diverges and shakes things up.

For example: character A ALWAYS flees over the roof and knocks some roof tiles down. B and C fight, and B is injured on the shoulder (whether they fight with magic, swords or guns). D sees E surreptitiously slipping into a room, and D immediately follows.

All of these moments happen around the time the murder takes place. Once the "shared segment" ends, each movie is free to produce completely different clues, explain the things that happened in completely different ways, and so on.

That's as much as I have to say about it. I love the idea of playing with a format like that. Seeing how each movie puts its own twist on the central segment, that "has" to be the same to "qualify." Guessing what each clue might mean this time. The familiarity AND novelty of it.

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