I'm gonna be honest for a minute, and I might delete this thread later. It's not pretty. But... God, I'm tired of being "woke." I'm exhausted.

Every time I go online, day in, day out. Some update on the gamer dress controversy. A human rights crisis. Some bullshit that some racist dude in a position of power said. An account of someone who had to deal with unfair bullshit and who turned to the internet to cry for help.

I completely get that they're faring a lot worse than I am. I completely understand that I'm REALLY FUCKING LUCKY. I always click through. I always read the complete article. I always update my mental model. I always make an effort to shut down toxic behavior and correct my own.

But fuck. It's exhausting. I can't consume ANY entertainment uncritically anymore. I can't sit down and just enjoy a goddamn movie. My brain keeps finding faults, reasons why that was Wrong, immediately making me dislike the work I'm consuming.

I've had to unfollow close friends before because they retweeted natural disaster after feminist issue alert after racist controversy after victim's account of violence one after another after another after another. I can't. I just can't keep up.

And like. I can't HELP. I can't directly help them. I can't do anything. I can read it and make things better for the people affected by it that I meet, by treating them with the appropriate respect and care, but I can't do anything that will make any real change.

And I can't read all of those and do the emotional work on myself and then also have the energy to work through my day and do enough cleaning and groceries to keep myself alive and also further my development. I already struggle to keep myself afloat.

It's really hard to go through that, and then not even have the possibility to unwind because your head ruins every single piece of entertainment you could possibly sit down to enjoy, because it's impossible to make something flawless.

If you have any tricks to deal with this, anything that's helped you get through existence in a world where the internet makes sure that you become personally acquainted with every single shitty thing that happens anywhere, I would love to hear.

I'm doing my best, and it's not enough, and it's eating away at me. And I don't know how to stop. And I'm tired.

// End main thread

PS: Just to cover my bases: anyone trying to respond to this thread by taking the moral high ground and claiming that I'm not doing enough or shaming me for being tired of this or coloring me evil will be summarily blocked. I don't have the energy to deal with you.

@AshEaria Apathy. I've naturally fallen into it because of who I am, but everything gets a lot better when you stop seeing everything as lots of events and stories. Those stories should definitely still exist, but it feels a lot simpler if instead you think of it all more as just a mood or set of morals. You don't have to read every article to get those, and you can let them develop over time, but it's a lot easier to think about 1 set of personal morals than a constant bombardment of articles.

@AshEaria I feel this. I dealt by giving up on wokeness, since I haven't met even a single sincere person in the whole "movement". It's all either vanity ("look how good I am") or axe-grinding ("grr I hate men/whites/etc"). Also, contrary to woke folks, there is no dichotomy between wokeness and white supremacy. There's a huge middle ground where we can love and respect everyone without seeing each person as an embodiment of their most superficial characteristics. It's pretty freeing. Hope this helps.

@AshEaria Great thread! Indeed, the best approach from Stoicism is to focus on what you can control. The world tries to say if you don’t follow and be aware of all the things, your apparently a bad person. You can read well written long form journalism, books, and similar material to improve yourself how feels best, and pass that knowledge by example through those you interact with. The rest... it’s best to just adjust what you read/look at (hard habit to break). You’ll feel better :)

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