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"Let's play a game, to help some of the newcomers make connections: name a few things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same."

(, , , just ask)

, and ( for people with bad keyboards)
and (Role-playing of the text kind)
(Especially when applied to real life)

Hit me up!


Me and everybody else at are 500% excited to announce Ynglet, a platformer without any platforms.

It'd mean a lot if you wishlist the game on Steam (, and also tell eight thousand of your friends about it!


Is there a reverse "oh fuck"? I just did a programming thing that was supposed to be really difficult, but it just turned out to be way simpler than I had anticipated and now I'm like "oh not fuck?"

This is a ridiculous amount of disrespect towards a community that seemed to really care about, up until now. You HAVE your feedback. STOP asking for more feedback. Start ACTING ON THE FEEDBACK. Revert the changes.

It's very transparent, and the fact that there is still NO action, NO public response to the generalized backlash, makes it obvious that you're just waiting for this to blow over while creating as few permanent records of it as possible, to get people to forget about it.

It's really obvious that you're trying to appease the mob by redirecting them to a feedback forum where they'll feel like they've done what they could, to get them to move on. It looks like you're just trying to outlast the outrage and you're not planning to revert the changes. It's embarrassing to see, You're telling every single user "oh that's helpful feedback, come tell us about your opinion because we didn't know", making them think that they're alone. It's patronizing, and it's sticking your head in the sand.

Hey Users are flooding your Twitter mentions asking you to revert the new UI changes and you keep redirecting them to your feedback forums. There are over 350 topics in those forums already asking to revert the changes. How much feedback do you need? Do something.

Hey Users keep flooding your Twitter account asking for the old UI back and you keep redirecting them to your feedback forums. There are over 350 threads on those forums already, asking for the old UI back. How much more feedback do you need? Do something.

The meta modifiers are really pulling for my attention...


Hey Twitter! Guess what time it is... Itttttt's diversifier time!

I'm having the annoying problem of having a song stuck in my head, but because I don't have a recording, the only way to listen to it is to play it myself on guitar. It is too late to make noise, which means I can't play it. I have this problem often.


A reminder that queer creators are working UNIMAGINABLY HARD every single day in vast machines of broad cultural heteronormativity to bring queer kids large-scale representation And I've finished it already. Just Silver Rank on most of them, so I'll keep coming back for more. I can already predict this becoming one of my comfort games that I come back to when I need a mental cleanse.

is already a wild ride and I've only been playing it for a few minutes. Yo thank you for this, this is such a tight, polished experience


Do you GM ? I just made a one-page horizontal GM screen that you can print out as is or customize as you like! Tell me what you think if you end up using it!

Sleepless night turned into two (2) game / IF ideas sketched out in Twine. Or started. Proofs of concept. I don't know man it's been so long since I last wrote fiction by myself, I need to derust.

I've been staying up later than I should for several nights in a row, but it's for a good cause. I just REALLY want to figure out what kind of game I can extract out of running a post office. I think I just realized it needs to be 3D rather than 2D.


The Triband gang just after we found out we won Best Mobile Game of 2019 Thx a lot International Golf Network.
We 💚 you


NEW GAME! Based on my personal experience with anxiety disorder (and slowly healing), here's an interactive story about a human and their anxiety.

You play *as* the anxiety.

🐺 🐺
😱 free, web, playtime 30min 😱

I'm starting a new show with's Radio Modem, and the pilot episode is today! Come hang out on Twitch a bit after 6 PM CET (GMT+1) if you like games, watching people play games, and hanging out while people play games.

This is the kind of crowd that pulled at today for his game feel talk. I don't think I need to follow that up with any other commentary.

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