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Ok, I'm officialy more active on my private pleroma instance.

I still check things out here from time to time, but if you want to follow me you should follow @Artik

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I've been lurking around here for a while, trying to get the hang of "the fediverse". Thought I should at least introduce myself before I go follow a bunch of more people ;)

There are so many interesting instances. Each seems to have its own, unique local timeline that I enjoy reading.

Interests in:

- Mainly heavy metal / rock, but really, I'm open to almost any genre.

Wrote a guide for federating with Tor instances / creating them with Pleroma. It's now in the Pleroma wiki.
Hopefully more people will try this out and make it feasable for others to open up Tor-only instances.

"Pleroma's goal is to empower the people and let as many as possible host an instance with as little resources as possible, the ability to host an instance with a small, cheap computer like a RaspberryPi along with Tor, would be a great way to achieve that."
New instance here!
I didn't plan to get this specific domain, but I was eating a falafel while searching for domains, and this one showed up with such a great price.. I just couldn't pass up on it. is really useful if you want to set up a server behind a NAT. Completely free and very easy to use.
Will go perfectly with a Pleroma on a RaspberryPi !

I guess this is a good chance to set up a server with Alpine.

This time I'll make sure everything is working properly before I put a Pleroma instance on it.

Good news:
I managed to do what mrf_quarantine does before getting the update to my server!

Bad news:
My server is quarantined from everyone else

(and it's also my public posts)

Apparently I was posting into the void today. My instance is borked. It's seems to have completely stopped federating my messages out to people, and I only receive follower messages..

My pst from before I found out people can't see my posts:

"something's horribly wrong with my instance / server, because suddenly I can't fetch messages from most of the people I don't follow..

I'm seeing a lot of mediaproxy errors and {:error, %HTTPoison.Error{id: nil, reason: :badarg}} "

In reference to my last post, here's a view from the other side of the fence (literally from someone who was there).

This is not me taking a stance about anything.

Rant about the "black and white" view of some 

Many people seems to have a very "black and white" view of things. There always has to be sides and one side has to be the "bad side" and the other is the "good side". There has to be a "villian", and there has to be a " hero".
And once the sides have been decided, anything that might challenge that view is immediately refuted. No consideration that they may have been wrong, that maybe it's more complex than that. Maybe the world is mostly many shades of grey.

I always like to hear and read about all "sides", arguements and world views. Doesn't mean I agree with them, but I sure as hell get a bigger picture of things.
Plus, I find that people who focus only on the things they agree with become much more extreme in their views.
Just finished properly configuring ssl on my server. Compared my ssllabs test to @jerry 's instance, as I trust an infosec instance to be a good reference (compared it to other instances later, it really is). Did the same when I configured the headers.

Now I'm interested in some server hardening. Would appreciate some good articles / tips about it.

#sysadmin #security #infosec

Ok, I'm officialy more active on my private pleroma instance.

I still check things out here from time to time, but if you want to follow me you should follow @Artik

This seems like a really good solution for password security / management -

Am I missing something? Why don't I see more people talking about this one?

#infosec #security #password

It seems like there could be no stronger evidence that Facebook is a monopoly than the number of people who say they would like to #DeleteFacebook but can't.

The beauty of a diverse set of interoperable federated services is that the way you get and keep users has to be by having compelling features, not by getting all their friends to join and only use that one service.

"I was inside her WhatsApp, with access to all the conversations, contacts and the best thing is that we were not on the same network."

I thought making a federated instagram would be an easy task, its taking longer than I thought because of all the small and expected features. It can't launch without an admin dashboard for example.

Well, my instance went down, along with the internet connection. I guess I should just get a vps.
Aruba seems like a good option with their 1€ a month vps.

So all I'll need to do is move the configs and database over to the vps (?).
Should I copy the database as is or should I dump it?

‘The many deceptions of Mark Zuckerberg’

“With 2 billion users and counting, Facebook is unavoidable, and it’s growing more influential by the day. It’s vital that we understand what Zuck is actually up to, especially since he didn’t reveal it in his testimony. A number of media sources have helpfully corrected his inaccurate claims.”

Also on our radar:

@ninmi @pebbles @kaniini @karen @zeta @esp @lain (repost cuz I accidentally deleted my post) Any other deck recommendations?
I used to go over a 6k (? not sure) deck. It's been so long though, and I haven't been getting much practice so I'm feeling very rusty.

Actually I found myself improving at much faster rates when reading manga / LN / novels and searching for the kanji I don't understand, but I found it to be harder to keep up with. Anki is much easier to be persistent with.

@Artik @lain I restored a snapshot of my instance and its working now.
But before that I did a reboot, and it showed my database was disconnected.

I'm trying to understand why did it happen so I can prevent / know how to fix it quickly if it happens again.
Any ideas?

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@Artik @lain Hey, I'm sending messages from my pleroma instance, but I can't see those messages from any other instance.
I can still receive messages though.
Any idea what might be the problem?

Everything was working fine until today..

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