padding looks OK (I‘ll get better) and now there's a soft 'thunk' when I place it down.

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The tungsten weights work great for reducing wobble. Very pleased! 👌

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The tungsten weights have arrived. They are a fraction the size of my pieces but will more than double their weight.

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While i'm waiting for the weights (heh) I'm practicing with a test piece of wood and a nut. The steel nut is only 5g and the tungsten weights will be at lest double that, but I still need to perfect the drilling, gluing, and fabric cutting process.

Plenty of lessons learned. i'm satisfied that I can drill and awl a regular shape. The weighted piece feels great and the felt bottom adds a satisfying sound to the piece as it lands. BUT felt absorbs glue like a sponge; I've got to be careful how much I apply.

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Next fiction book is "Noor" by Nnedi Okorafor!

I hear it's . The first few chapters are "punk" for sure, and most definitely "solar".

I think I'll like it!

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"Una Kravets blew my mind in her talk “The Joy of Optimizing Images” when she demonstrated how a photograph of a mountain range could be nearly halved in size by blurring the foreground, with almost no noticeable difference to the viewer ( I’ve done the same thing with a photo of a horse, which also reduced the image size by roughly half."

This reminds me of - where the designers dither all the images. It looks classy and it massively reduces the size.


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Y'all, birds are coming to the feeder I set up in front of my window and my heart is so full. :blobheart:

Now to weight the chess pieces. Except for the Kings and Queens, the pieces are made of poplar and very light. (~10g).

So i'm hollowing out the pieces with drills and dremels, and filling the holes with weights!

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