@PaulaToThePeople you disagree with admins deciding to be responsible by verifying information for themselves and attempting to come to a peaceful resolution with problematic instances?


I'm not claiming to speak for @PaulaToThePeople but I'm not fully in favor of the covenant, either.

The general theme seems to be, "disconnect as little as possible", and it recommends instance admins refrain from inhibitting the ability of users to connect.

Many users, however, want their moderators to be aggressive in blocking instances with differing codes of content.

There are tradeoffs with every policy, but many would favor user comfort over maximizing potential connections.


For example:

5. No Guilt-by-Association/Federation

If the goal is to remove content from a known bad actor, then defederating from intermediate connections is often necessary. Mastodon.Technology followed this step with Gab to ensure that content from Gab didn't show up for m.t users.

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