The only downside of a fully static site as a blog is not being able to make it a first-class citizen on fedi.

I kinda feel there has to be a way, without running a full-blown fedi instance just for that though. But I don't have the time to see if I can figure out how to abuse ActivityPub this way. 🤔

What would the interaction be?

I know you can add Worpress sites to the fediverse:

But the thing that is visible on fedi is the blog content, like an RSS feed.

With a truly static site, what would you want the interaction to be?

@Argus what does it look like when it's visible on fedi??

@bearwalker Here's a sample - I hooked my old website (now offline) up to the fediverse and wrote a blog.

My wordpress account was the poster, the text of my blog was the post, my featured picture became an attached picture, and the post included a hyperlink to the original blog. Replies to the blog would show up as comments on wordpress.

It was pretty nifty!

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@Argus wow that's incredible! I'm going to do it for sure

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