Based off the chatter I see today it looks like Donald Trump's new social media platform "Truth Social" is a fork of Mastodon.

The platform hasn't yet "gone public" (and as far as I can tell, hasn't yet expressed an interest in federating) but some instance moderators are already following the process of blocking federation between their servers and truthsocial.

This is one aspect of content moderation in a decentralized system. Rather than action from a single actor (eg, Twitter moderation authorities) each of the thousands of fediverse instance administrators makes a decision about whether to exchange content with truthsocial.


Shameless plug, I've written a chapter about Mastodon, content moderation, Gab, the Fediverse, and this phenomenon for an upcoming book published by UMD. And here's a video about it, complete with 🎵animation! 🎵

For what it's worth Tech Dirt and @mmasnick
are great to follow on the topic of decentralized social networks.

Amusingly, it looks like Truth Socials's terms of service will absolutely moderate user content. BuT WhAt AbOuT "FrEe SpEeCh?!"

@Argus everyone should watch that video of yours. It is immensely informative and useful.

@ArneBab I hadn't seen this, thank you for sharing. I read through this post and I think I need to read more to understand the implications.

@Argus Feel free to ask — I’m the one who wrote that (but not the developer of the original implementation). I also did calculations that show how this can be scaled to global communication (also linked in the article):

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