is such a cool written language. Look at square kufic!

@Argus I wonder if there's an intersect between 'valid qr' and 'valid square kufic'.


When a friend from Pakistan gifted me a Koran in english, I decided to read it.
But before I left I bought an arabic one to look at :)

@chakuari I studied it for about five years - which is to say, "no!". :)

@Argus May I ask you how did you learn it? I’m trying with Pimsleur’s.

@chakuari Classes and tutors, mainly, some studying abroad. I think Duo Lingo has classical Arabic now, too.

@Argus yes, Duolingo has Arabic, but it doesn’t explain, if you know what I mean.


i glad to hear that . Thank you mr.Derek Caelin 😀

all respect to you 🌼

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