I'm excited to share my talk, "Decentralized Social Media vs the Trolls."

In it, I tell how the , a social network, rallied together to isolate an invasive right wing extremist group through codes of conduct, human moderators, and strong moderation tools.

Thanks to @ashfurrow, @emi, @maffsie, @catgirl@lgbtqia.is, @laurelai and all the folks who gave me their time and perspective.


(Hosted on a instance, conf.tube!)

Also thanks to @isolategab for pointing me toward fediverse.space. A very useful dataset on the .

Just submitted the next round of revisions for the book chapter! 📖

I submitted another round of edits to my book chapter - this time including the feedback and comments of users who pointed out the is not a utopia for marginalized communities.

Their critique made the chapter stronger. Thank you. 🙏

A certain population doesn't like my youtube video on internet trolls. 🙃

@Argus @ashfurrow @emi @maffsie @catgirl @laurelai I am impressed by such quality of work here. Thank you very much to everyone involved in this. We're building new knowledge here, bravo! 💎

@Argus this is a very important success story!

(Although ironically, the Peertube account the video is hosted at only federated one post with mastodon.social, so I can't boost that video directly and see its comments here.)

@Argus I'm guessing federation across different types of instances of the Fediverse is actually not *that* useful (at the moment at least), so smoothing out interop bugs is not of high priority. It's okay.

For now people just don't expect something like a cross-instance "Follow" button in various UIs.

Great presentation, and some really great points. It makes me increasingly optimistic about what the fediverse can become. It all boils down to systems as human scale.
@ashfurrow @emi @maffsie @catgirl @laurelai

@Argus I'm looking forward watching it this afternoon. It was one of the talks where I was most thrilled when I read the conference program. 😍

@eest9 I just started watching yours! Looking forward to talking at

@Argus I have English subtitles if my English is to bad pronounced! ;)

@eest9 @Argus

Oh hush, your English was great! (Though subtitles are always helpful)

@Argus another perspective is that a left wing extremist group tried and failed to seize control of a decentralized network, under the guise of isolating a bunch of lame boomers and a handful of edgelords, but that group was already captured by a Fagin who isolated them for his own benefit. The true success of the fediverse is that it managed to remain decentralized under heavy pressure from multiple directions to centralize control of access.

@Argus great research and impressive presentation!

@Argus @ashfurrow @emi @maffsie @laurelai@eldritch.cafe

I am curious if you all have seen some other talks of #ActivityPub Conf yet and what you think about the talks …
conf.tube/video-channels/apcon and ⬡ conf.activitypub.rocks

And maybe we can extend the implementors guide by a kind of "moderation best practices".

Then: Please propose your sessions or hackathon ideas in the forum socialhub.activitypub.rocks/c/

Also, Derek: Seen mine?

@sl007 I'm watching it now! How did you make the timeline animation?


It was all done last-minute when another Talk dropped out.
Timeline animation done with keynote, please forgive me.

@Argus @ashfurrow @emi @maffsie @laurelai

Just watched the whole thing and loved it. I would have just added a mention of open source technology at the core. I believe the moderation of a platform like this really goes all the way to the core and the openness of the development of the software at its core.

But great video and I'll follow you for more please 🥰

@Argus @ashfurrow @emi @maffsie @laurelai Do you see trolls as the biggest problem with centralised SN's like twitter, as opposed to banning, over-connectedness or some other attribute?

@joegrimer @Argus @emi @maffsie @laurelai there isn’t a single biggest problem with centralized SN’s imo. they are an amalgamation of many problems, they have become more problematic than the sum of those individual problems. they are per se a big problem, if I’m making sense.

@ashfurrow @joegrimer

Trolls are a big problem in decentralized social networks, too. I think the difference that strikes me is the ability for members to define and enforce (or at least try to) their own content moderation policy.

Centralized networks are too big to have a policy that works for everyone, and too big to enforce that policy. Decentralized networks push that labor to the "edges" of the network.

Still plenty of problems in decentralized networks, as PoC fediverse users can tell you.

@Argus @ashfurrow that makes sense. I'm not sure that I agree that all problems are equal (as they rarely are in other contexts). What do you mean by PoC fediverse users?
What one problem with D-SN's springs to mind?

@joegrimer @Argus I didn’t mean to suggest all problems were equal. What I mean is, I don’t personally find it productive to think about one single largest problem to fix. The networks themselves are the problem, for a host of interconnected reasons.

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