Tonight, to my infinite satisfaction, I finally repaired my server.

It had been broken for a week, and every night I had dedicated several hours to trying to figure out what went wrong and how to repair it. The solution, when it came, was very simple, but finding it ultimately required that I learn more about how NextCloud and Linux work.

I pushed my understanding very, very hard, and coming to a solution makes me feel very good. I figure the people on will understand! :)

@Argus Could you give more details on the actual problem / solution? 😅

Sure. An update to nextcloud failed and my served became inaccessible. I tried to restore a backup, but I was told that space was insufficient. Ended up wiping nextcloud and starting from scratch, but came to realize that the files had simply been moved to a backup folder. The fix ended up being extremely simple - rename the drive, discover the only files, clean up all the extraneous detail. An expert could have solved it in a minute, but I figured it out.

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