@Argus why aren't there any federate IM Protocolls like XMPP or Matrix?

@jr @Argus

I would assume because the slide specifically says "apps" and not secure protocols.

Keybase is not on there either for that matter.

@jr Great question! How do they stack up in terms of the qualities listed (e2e, annonymous signup, etc)

@Argus just can say it for XMPP: E2E with OMEMO is default with conversations on android but many other clients don't do it by default, self destructing messages is a horrible feature because noone guarants that it get deleted... that just works with centralized bullshit and even then not real, anonymous is it because you have something looking like an email address as identifier, open source are the most clients and also the protocoll is well public documented (1/2)

@Argus it has not a classical phonebook because there aren't normally authentication via Telephone number, but the roster (the storage of you contacts at the server) isn't encrypted on the server, so there are some metadatas... but real no metadata ypu just get with p2p

#wickr je n en ai jamais entendu parler et il n y a pas Matrix ni XMPP ni webrtc

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