If you don't want me reverse engineering your API, give me a damn RSS feed.

Yesterdays at @fdroidorg (@brainstorm seems still dead) with 72 updates and 5 new apps:

* e-Passport Reader: use the NFC chip to communicate with an electronic passport
* FHCode: code editor
* GPS Cockpit: Show your GPS data in a cockpit view
* MergedWiFiNLP: a backend for UnifiedNlp
* Warpclock: quick shortcut for setting an alarm 8 hours from the current time

Enjoy your with :awesome:

An interesting component of the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0 is that software released under the license must continue to publish the source code. This is what they call "infectious", right?

"When a modified version is used to provide a service over a network, the complete source code of the modified version must be made available."


Every book I receive from comes with this email confirmation. It's so nerdy, and I love it.

A little about the pieces: I started this project in 2014. I only had a few pocket knives to work with but that was enough.

Most of the pieces were carved from a dowel, but the Kings and Queens were special. I carved the white pieces from trees growing at my parent's home, the black pieces came from a tree growing outside my apartment.

Carving, I cut my hand so many times. There is so much of my blood in these pieces they are technically a close relative.

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After years of work, I have a DIY set, complete with hand carven pieces.

There's more polishing I can do (weighting the pieces, lining the board interior) but it feels good to see this project come together.

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Me: money is fake

Them: yeah it's just paper that we ascribe value to

Me: no it's faker than that. Only 3 percent of USD exists as physical currency. The rest is just bank credit.

Them: right, so money is just numbers in bank accounts that the government creates from nothing

Me: no, it's faker than that. Most money is bank credit, created by private banks. Not the government, not the Fed, banks like Chase or Bank of America. They take zero dollars and turn that into a loan and debt. They decide who gets new money. Capitalists decide where new money is created and who it goes to. If the government paid back all government debt, there would be no more treasury bonds, and then if everybody paid off all their private debt, there would be no more money.

Them: wow, so most money is just credit corresponding to debt, and there's just a small amount of money they borrow from the federal reserve that was created by the government.

Me: no, it's faker than that. Since 2020 reserve requirements were abolished. Banks don't need to legally keep any money on hand or borrow money from the federal reserve or each other at all. They can just pay interest on every dollar they create to the federal reserve without borrowing from the Fed at all.

Them: oh. So money is REALLY fake.

Me: yeah. so if the government just paid off all of our student debt it wouldn't affect the money supply at all. It would do nothing to the economy other than release a huge debt burden. So let's do that.

A consequence of the is that where people live in relation to water will change. The awful thing is that people will need to move and not rebuild. It'll break communities apart.

Flood insurance rates are skyrocketing in inland locations - one.npr.org/i/1061600355:10616

I'm thumbing through a (1903!) volume of Edgar Allen Poe's poems and stories and... I was unaware of this particular facet of Poe's life.

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