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It's almost as if he is totally unaware of how the ongoing wars and instability of the MENA region are the direct result of U.S. policy.

“There’s a lot of sand they can play with,” Trump said of the region. “It’s possibly never going to be very stable.”

He is awful.

House passes resolution condemning Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. military from northern Syria -

Are China's Tantrums Signs of Strength or Weakness?

China is supposed to be savvy. So why is it throwing a fit about a tweet, an app, and a gamer in a mask in the absence of any real threat?

Please thank whomever it was for all their work, a true treasure:)
@sheogorath @tobias @switchingsoftware

Current challenge - making my character's bureaucratic tendencies sympathetic...

I played about 15 minutes of NeoCab and it seemed to have all the trappings that get me going. But it also seemed like a experience designed to unsettle me (job loss through , , , etc). I've opted for admiring from a distance now.

Neo Cab video game review

I wonder if the Librem5 project is the biggest open source community scam in this decade? I mean for that price I could buy a nice laptop, but probably even two laptops. It's simple so overpriced that I just don't see the point.
And don't talk about the privacy. There is no privacy on the internet. Never was, never will. Digital privacy is just an illusion. Privacy should be this expensive.

Change my mind, I am open to it.

#librem5 #smartphone #privacy #PriceOfPrivacy

Chinese app on Xi’s ideology allows data access to 100 million users’ phones, report says

Very odd. Both Psiphon and Tor have stopped transferring data on my phone. Happens both on Wifi and LTE.


"Install gentoo!" *snorting laughter*
"Oh fuck off, Joe"
"No, really, it's good!"

This is a stock photo that popped up when I searched for "hackathon". 😂

Ask Hackaday: What’s The Perfect Hacker Smart Watch?

Since Dick Tracy all the way back in ’46, smart watches have captured the public imagination. After several false starts, the technology has gone through a renaissance in the last 10 years or so. For …

Original tweet :

17,400 words in the book! Our heroine stands before a door out of time.

It Is Time for the United States to Stand Up to China in

Tweets aren’t enough. Washington must make clear that it expects Beijing to live up to its commitments—and it will respond when China does not.

"Moths dance around the flames. Satellites blood above us. The red landing lights of planes, visible through the crown of the forest looming around and over us."

"Philip Larken famously proposed that what will survive of us is love. Wrong. What will survive of us is plastic, swine bones and lead-207, the stable isotope at the end of the uranium-235 decay chain." - Robert Macfarlane

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