Seven million children do not have access to the Internet at home.

When school’s out, what will we learn? | Internet Archive Blogs

My 3-year-old is playing with his grandparent during the quarantine.

As with many technological solutions in the time of the coronavirus, there's a big pro-con debate in circles.

I wrote for OneZero about the digital assistants that listen to us and the value of 's opt-in policy for open data.

Your doorbell camera spied on you. 👀 Now what?

“The onus shouldn’t be on the individual consumer to make sure all these things are secure and safe,” Says Mozilla researcher @baricks in the @nytimes tweeted by @mozilla

"10. Update the national statistics. Designing a statistical architecture that is fit for purpose sounds like a job for the wonkiest of wonks. But it matters.. Our statistical Services were designed for an economy dominated by corn and steel, not cloud computing and smartphones."

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"9. Free up public-sector and University science for Innovation. Much knowledge is produced within the public sector including by universities. Studies have shown that when researchers are free to pursue commercial opportunities for such research, more Innovations result."

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"8. Build catalytic networks and entrepreneurial ecosystems. Innovation does not happen in a vacuum, and often the barriers to taking leading edge science and translating it into useful technology are experience and judgement. The Creative Destruction lab shows that you can overcome the tyranny of geographic location by putting the entire ecosystem in a room at regularly scheduled intervals."

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"Because is inherently uncertain, society can benefit massively by making it easier for those who want to try something new. Encouraging new entrants not only provides consumers more choice, but also puts competitive pressure on existing firms to lift their game."

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