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I'm excited to share that I'll be presenting at the ActivityPub Conference ( this October!

I'll be presenting my paper on moderating and how the has isolated bad actors like . It's fascinating how small, self-hosted, self-governed social networks have worked together to address problems that have haunted centralized platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

More details coming soon.


this account seems awesome — and just as a note on the difficulty of finding truly unbiased information on the situation, this is the scene that presented itself to me as i opened the article:

“facebook amplifies propaganda”
just below, a video:
“How to Use Instagram Reels”



Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death is particularly painful because it highlights the danger of letting our institutions rest in the hands of those who wield power to serve the powerful. Get angry, stay angry, this work is going to take decades.

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5) Elections are vital, but there's work to do before and after elections. Some of the most important advocacy and litigation done in our times is done by the
ACLU, an institution worked in for decades.

Join the People Power campaign:

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4) Congress must pass sweeping, nation-altering legislation on climate, racial justice, and income inequality.

Join the Sunrise Movement postcard writing campaign here:

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3) When more people vote, the government better represents the people. Democrats do better, too.

Encourage people to vote through letters. It works.

Mobilize through Vote Forward here:

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2) Democrats must win the Senate. The life-and-death legislation (and appointment of judges) upon which our country depends requires Democratic control of both houses of Congress.

Donate to Swing Left's campaign to flip the senate here:

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1) Joe Biden's must overwhelmingly win the election. Donald Trump will contest the result in the event of his loss, regardless of circumstances. His defeat must be beyond a doubt.

Volunteer for and contribute to the Biden's Harris ticket here:

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I am heartbroken, and furious, and devastated. I don't know everything I'm going to do, but here's what I've done and plan to do. This plan didn't emerge last night, it just got seared into my brain: THREAD

With the TikTok news going around, a word of advice:

DO. 👏 NOT. 👏 USE. 👏 FREE. 👏 VPNs.

(I'd rather you didn't use TikTok either, but there's no reason you need to give your data out to MORE sketchy companies.)

I trained 10 activists in Wisconsin on 2FA today.

Selfie eye contact 

We're getting smoke from the west coast wildfires even in Connecticut.

Wrote letters for Vote Forward tonight!

They organize campaigns to encourage people from traditionally underrepresented groups to vote. The more people who vote, the better chance we'll have a government that reflects us.

Writing letters is easy and it can really make a difference.

"Goals of Running a Pilot

Test your hypothesis with more potential customers.

Learn where to find growth opportunities.

Understand what won’t work and why."

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A small-scale test that enables you to confirm or deny a hypothesis and answer critical questions before building and launching a fully fledged product."

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"Commit to the problem you’re solving – not the technical solution. This is a keystone of social entrepreneurship.“

I think I saw this in Cagan's book, too. Focus on solving problems, not on technical solutions.

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"Throughout the journey of social entrepreneurship, you’ll be faced with countless distractions. Focus is key. Or as educator Stephen Covey says, “the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” This means saying “no” more often than you might like to."

This makes sense to me. I worked on a tech project that tried to do MANY things, and it ended up not doing many of them well. To this day I wonder if it was overreach.

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