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@Argus It's valuable in the cases when the hardware is not under your control, e.g. a loaner laptop from a school. Also if you don't fully trust your own ability to secure the device against webcam hijacking, e.g. for unsophisticated users.

On webcam covers:

OK - I know that it's technically feasible to hack a computer to get access to the webcam, but I struggle to find the value of a webcam cover.

If you want to address the threat of monitoring, maintain your antivirus and practice vigialiance / good web behavior to avoid getting attacked. If your computer is compromised to the point where an intruder can activate your webcam, there's so much else of value that isn't protected by that thin piece of plastic.

You really don't know much about me, LinkedIn.

This is a really elegant visualization of presidential approval ratings over their time in office. The user can compare with Trump and other presidents with a hover.

How Popular Is Donald Trump? | FiveThirtyEight

@Argus Starting with email, we will build an entire cloud service - calendar, file storage etc - all end-to-end encrypted. ;)

It's only passed one chamber of the legislature, but still very concerning.

"Australia Becomes First Western Nation to Ban Secure Encryption"


Graphite looks interesting.

'Graphite allows you to create, communicate, and share without giving up your privacy.'

I don't want the first humans on Mars to be sponsored by Coca Cola.

@Argus @danyork Yes, it means nobody else can keep a record of all your DNS queries, just Google. (Assuming you use google DNS). Your interpretation on whether this is a good thing is entirely up to you.

I got my first physical copy of Wired magazine today. Their brand studio partnership had 10 different pages or full spreads dedicated to a vape. It's a little gross.

Women's Sexuality Is Still Taboo for Tech—at Least at CES

Sex robots and VR porn are fine, but a robotic vibrator that delivers a blended orgasm to women is immoral and profane? Oh the hypocrisy.

Check out this article I found on the Get WIRED app:

this is unprompted but its a thing i see come up sometimes and was thinking about so

hey um, reminder that artists, musicians, game devs, etc etc are allowed to advertise themselves

there’s a big difference between a multimillion-dollar corporation, and a person trying to survive capitalism

please dont treat both as if they’re the same thing

Yes. I agree. I'd do one more thing. Get rid of the book. Donate it to the library, whatever. Get it out of your life so it doesn't haunt you from the shelf.

@Argus One more reason I got kicked out of translation studies. Too many novels, not enough manuals. I got further in "The Linux Bible" than "Lord of the Rings".

Time is too precious to read what will not bring you joy.

I made the decision to stop reading a book that no longer holds my interest. Past me would have kept reading so I can say I read the book, but time is precious! Read what brings you joy!

me talking to my fellow nerd friends
me talking to normal humans who refuse to acknowledge the botnet and tracking crisis silently affecting us all and that every tech company big or small is getting away with it because the masses refuse to care about their personal data until it's too late and they have lost control over their own privacy and freedom online
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