Snow storm and 30 tonight. 70 on Sunday. The world is insane.

Good morning. Be humble, but still accept praise. Time for the ceremonial coffee.

Good morning Monday and all people in it. Time for the ceremonial coffee.

Is it that people speak in song lyrics or song lyrics are everywhere?

“He nibbled on her ear. It was close to her brain.”

Feel free to use it (or not).

“He drank in her beauty.. It came in a can with a pull tab.”

Feel free to use it.

I’ve watched a lot of over the years. I never “got” it as any sort of humor. Flame on!

“Taking over the world is more fun when you enjoy doing it.”

Observed: “She wore her earrings tied to her long stringy hair. It was a statement. I’m not sure what it said.”

Feel free to use it.

Bragging rights belong to those who do, not those who do virtually. Flame on!

I’m doing some free-writing now. It’s not a very productive day. But it’s the weekend, so I’m fine with that.

Ok, I just found the bug where my bot would wake me up at 2AM. Now I can sleep normal hours.

Good morning. Enjoy the day and those around you. Time for the ceremonial coffee.

I’m watching “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” because it is.

So hockey is just soccer/footballl on ice with a flat ball?

The gas powered engine is the steam powered engine of today.

“The Great Ichor Crisis of 2019” should be a title. Feel free to use it.

For some reason my bot wakes me up at 2AM despite the quiet window it is supposed to observe. I need to debug…

Another good writing session today. Some days it just works.

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