If you can’t tell a story, you’ll never make your point

Focus is commendable as long as you haven’t lost your perspective.

Someone needs to explain what “Prime Days” are, apart from a marketing scheme for Amazon to make more money.

Their follow up question was, “Why do you write then?”

If you know, you know.

If you’re a parent, and don’t accept advice from non-parents, remember that you have lost your objectivity.

Just had a chat with someone who was surprised that most writer’s (I specifically) don’t make as much as George R.R. Martin…

Quitting is always acceptable, after you’ve done your best. There is no shame in failure, only in not trying. The secret is knowing when you’ve done your best.

“The receipts churned out of the register like a white snake that kept singing ‘Here I Go Again’, falling to the floor in a cascade of white boas.”

“The snow fell around him, onto him, and into his soul. She was that cold. His heart, however, still held an ember struggling not to die.”

PSA: “Deadeye” is an acceptable name for either a pirate or a cowboy. Make sure, however, that one eye is literally dead.

“She wrote fiction of the science variety, not the crap that held dragons and fairies (with an extra ‘e’).”

“My mud-soaked shoes was all I had to show for a day of fishing with my dad. Laughing, he’d pushed me out of the boat, saying, ‘That’s what you get for disrespectin’. Walk home, if you know where it is.’”

“Be the evil everyone aspires to be when watching Star Wars.”

OK. I deserve some food. I’m plowing through the proofing/edits.

“At the age of twelve, he knew what he wanted to be when he grew up. His destiny was to become a horror; the kind he saw in movies his parents didn’t let him watch.”

You don’t have to be honest to tell the truth, but you have to tell the truth to be honest.

I’m editing today. I’ve been procrastinating pushing this noir out. I don’t feel it’s good enough (or as good as it could be). I’m sure it’s just my insecurities popping up. I won’t let myself stand in my own way and will get this book out ASAP!

Happy The Day of the Gong

(Not a Chuck Barris Production)

Good morning. There is joy all around you. You just have to see to find it. Time for the ceremonial coffee.

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