Your past is not you. Your past is what made you who you are, but there is no need to hold on to who you were unless you haven’t improved along the way.

Ok. The cupcakes taste like a strawberry banana smoothie.

Waiting for frosting/glaze to set up: strawberry yogurt.

“She sat, hugging herself in the darkness. What if there were monsters under her bed and they looked like her?”

Don’t feel obliged to explain your life to those that have no need to know.

It’s time for a break. Time to bake some banana raisin cupcakes.

Yup. The spring peepers are back. Spring is near.

Alright. That’s enough editing for now. I think I need to insert a new chapter, however. Why can’t I write the perfect novel and not worry about rewrites and edits?

It’s time to shift into editing mode for a while.

Happy World Book Day.

Buy some. Read some. Gift some.

Good morning. Hello. Friday is a day away. Can you make it another 24 hours? Time for the ceremonial coffee.

“Where do Wednesdays go when Thursday comes around?”

Tomorrow, I feel, will be a productive cold day.
- iOS
- Python
- editing
- reading
- baking, which I didn’t do today.

“Murder of a Time Traveling Salesman” should be a title.

Alright, that’s enough editing for one day. I made it one-quarter through the book. I’m still finding fixable things.

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