As 2020 draws to a close, I have to admit I didn’t really accomplish much worthwhile this past year.


Writing is about ripping out words you knew should be ripped when you originally wrote them.

- Python stuff
- Add more words to my Holmesian novel
- Study
- Clean the shack
- Thursday

When you say OG to an old person, they always think “Olive Garden”.

Any of you have big plans for 2021, apart from surviving?

I miss being able to eat good buffalo wings during the lockdown.
I blame Donny.

Another sprint complete. I needed a break after , but now I’m paying for it because my pace is slower and I forgot a lot of what I’d written.

Slow first today. I’m getting back to speed in my story and WPH. Time for a doughnut.

I want to be able to sort the folders on my iPad, and the apps within a given folder.

Good morning, folks. It’s Wednesday already? A week past Thanksgiving? Too quick! Time for the ceremonial coffee.

Plan for tomorrow, more of the usual:
- write
- code
- be a nuisance

Reading up on the grammar check API I want to add to the list of the ones my app supports. The weird thing is, this is the one I use but don’t have in the app. What?

Well, 2021 is coming up fast. I had big plans for 2020. So many things to accomplish and do for fun. I’m not going to make the same mistake again.

A claim is not proof, nor should it be treated as such.

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