Well this is a pleasant surprise. will power and connect to a at least on my iPad. Needs a proper data/power micro USB cable and Apple adapter.

Just freed up 100G of disk space by deleting the old beta of Xcode so I can install the GM. Lots of “support” junk.

Good morning Wednesday people. You are half-way there. Time for the ceremonial coffee.

I’m still waiting for a good game. (Not RTS, not micro-management) Something fun. Why is it so hard? Oh right, everyone focuses on graphics and effects rather than gameplay and character because graphics is where the marketing is.

“He was a Pokemon trainer of the first order. He trained them to kill.”


Good morning. It’s a busy Saturday here: coding writing smoking/grilling gaming bottling beer and also learning to use commas.


Vicious Rumor: Carson Wentz to write and star in his autobiography for Apple that has nothing to do with the NFL or football.

Now that I have the “core” cluster working, the plan for this evening: Is to work on the fault-tolerance. Single-point of failure should be doable with no loss of data or time. @Raspberry_Pi @HPE

It’s never too late to finish what you start. But, people may judge.

Because I can’t work on my app until the next when Apple fixes their “stuff”, I started to throw something new together.

Good morning. Get to it, whatever it may be. Time for the ceremonial coffee.

“You are the Chosen One…the Ring Bearer…the quizat haderach…the one who will bring balance to The Force…the Neo of your age. But we hedged out bets and hired 41 more, just in case.”


Good morning. Work for the day you want. Time for the ceremonial coffee.

Good morning. Why does today feel like Monday? Time for the ceremonial coffee.

If you care that things get done by people that are like you, or look like you, or think like you, like what you like, you are a failure.

Good morning. Enjoy the day off and all the awful sales. Time for the ceremonial coffee.

It’s September. Everyone remember the Roman emperor, SeptIcus who brought sewage management to the modern world.

If you don’t care how well you do your job, you have no right to complain about how others do theirs.

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