It’s time to make butternut squash soup. Adding a bit of sweet potato and curry powder.

Good morning all. Treat yourself to some kindness today. Time for the ceremonial coffee.

I think tomorrow would be a good day to make butternut squash soup.

I think, tomorrow, I’ll go to the local farm and get apple cider. It’s that time of year. Oh, and butternut squash for soup.


Observed: “The man came in, stood at the bar, observing. Then he grabbed the stack of white paper napkins and walked off nonhalantely.”

It just hit me that we need a device where we can write and print a page at the same time, without an intermediate step.

Humans forget the deceased although they tend to cling to the memories of loved ones and the celebrities. It’s a strange dichotomy Famous people are no more important than the hobo or your drunken grandfather and may have struggled less.

What if your reality was the correct one, but you thought you were wrong?

Now I’m beginning to wonder if I should keep these as two separate novels of follow my original instincts.

I’m writing my parallel novel to develop my female lead. The two novels are meshing nicely. I would have thought that would be the difficult part.

You don’t need to dissuade people with violence. Be compassionate with those that don’t use violence against you.

Being fearless doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ignore the risks.

Let go of your self-doubt, but don’t assume you’re perfect, or even better than others.

Happy 1st Day of Autumn. This year is going too fast.

Good morning all. Find the beauty in little things. Time for the ceremonial coffee.

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