I just discovered you can select text in a file, and hit CTRL-I and the text will reformat. Woot! This is in Swift Playgrounds, just like XCode.

Lunch done. I baked up some chicken with green beans.

Do people still talk about “dowagers”? Or is it no longer an acceptable term?

So I guess not many people have thoughts on the best games on each console.

Oooo, it’s Friday. Lay down your tools and frolick.

They are predicting 7-10” of snow here… we shall see.

Good morning. Step back, observe, listen: be a better person. Time for the ceremonial coffee.

What’s the best game on each platform? I’m not asking about the best-selling.

I’m not sure why people enjoy Bourbon. That’s a general statement, not that I’m drinking Bourbon,, which I wouldn’t

“Life is full of treasures. Who you sell them to makes a difference.”

“It’s ok to cut off a driver. That’s what blood is for.”

Humor is there for the taking. Most leave it festering on the counter.

I’ve reached the point in writing where I no longer dread analyzing and having to rewrite scenes. I’m not sure what that means…

“Let’s all go to war so we can think about something else.”

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