Transferred the ginger lemon to secondary fermentation. It’s next to the cherry.


Simplified the UI. Got word count calculation and display working properly. Time to switch gears.

Doing some early morning coding. Making doughnuts (I hope) later.

Good morning all. Be present. Be active. Be here. Time for the ceremonial coffee.

One thing I’ve learnt while writing is to never check the dead body.

OK, I think I have the primary UI working as well as I can get it in this beta. Time for some core functionality to go with it.

Do they still make Fudgies? I sort of remember having them as a kid back in the Stone Age.

I got a couple things done today. I’m still planning to make some doughnuts tomorrow since I can’t get good ones here. I’m sure they will be no worse than the ones I can get in the grocery store…

Some days I write something so crappy that I think I should really find a writing mentor. Today is one of those days.

I’m going to try to make doughnuts again tomorrow. They can’t be much worse than last time I tried.

You wouldn’t have to dig out of so many holes if you stopped digging them in the first place.

Happy National Blueberry Muffin Day.

I wish I had some.

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