Well my cat just puked on my server, RIP motherboard 😓
Hopefully I can fix it with some isopropyl alcohol and clean off all the corrosion.
Anyone got recommendations?

Anyone else get a dopamine rush when you fix a technical issue?

I just worked out why my 3D prints didn't look as good as possible! Now after tightening an eccentric nut the bed doesn't wobble anymore.

Just installed a BL touch on my Ender 3 Pro with a SKR e3 mini V2.0, and it works great after compiling my own firmware and fixing some bugs. If anyone needs my firmware, I'll publish it on GitHub with some fixes.

I've been working with my friend on a very simple and bare bones game engine in c++. If anyone is learning c++ and wants to help you can find the engine here.
This is designed for learning and therefore is written to be easy to understand.

Just set up PhotoPrism in a docker container and it's blown me away! The tensor flow integration is done really well it's almost perfect. The only thing I think it's missing is the option to delete photos.

Now google's removed "free" google photo uploads I'm setting up Photoprism on my home server. Looks like a cool project!

Just read the "⚠️ Reminder: we have a planned outage in two days!" announcement as a planned outrage in two days and was very confused.

Looks like people really don't like tech monopolies from my poll about why they're using Mastodon.

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people that are skeptical of covid keep bleating bullshit about "no one dies from covid, they die from comorbidities, pre-existing conditions, etc etc"

..um... let's pretend that's true for a second... even in a world where that is true... the last thing we want is a virus floating around that keeps sniping everyone that has pre-existing conditions and comorbidities...

i don't see how that changes a motherfucking thing

Why is everyone using Mastodon?
Leave a reply of there's something I missed.

Completely forgot that the raspberry pi has it's usb power on the side and now it won't fit in my case I just spent 14 hours printing 🤦. Looks like I'm going to have to solder power directly to it, anyone got any ideas how to do that its a pi b+ V2.

Ever try to program a simple command line game for practice and end up spending way too long?

Just realized my last toot might offend freeBSD users, im sure freeBSD is great and lovely.

Why would I chose freeBSD over linux?
tbh freeBSD scares me.

IOT air quality sensor with a raspberry pi and an sds011. That uses MQTT for data transmission and can report PM 2.5 and 10.

3D printers are such a cool technology I remember building my first in 2016 and its crazy to see how far it's progressed in 4 short years!

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