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Just read the "⚠️ Reminder: we have a planned outage in two days!" announcement as a planned outrage in two days and was very confused.

@oscarhall That's amazing thank you I'm going to install it sometime and try it out!

@oscarhall Never heard of Solus before but I just had a look at some images and it looks great, and being fast as well is awesome. What's it's package manager like as I'm very used to apt-get eopkg looks interesting though.

@oscarhall It fits very well, have you tried Pop OS I found ot very clean and fast.

@raichoo @meine I just checked out some pictures and videos of it today, might take some time to figure out all the syntax and features. But I actually love the GUI it looks incredibly modern, almost a bit mac os esque. I definitely think it's worth a try on desktop as well considering I love that GUI layout.

@blit32 Yes your apsolutely right I meant people using Mastodon, my fault not making that more obvious.

Looks like people really don't like tech monopolies from my poll about why they're using Mastodon.

@dreamwebspace I guess you have different requirements from a browser, being a web developer. Because chrome has always been super stable for me. Also depends what OS your on as well.

@meine @raichoo
Sound like it would be a great OS for a server especially with better ZFS support. I think I might try to install it in a VM and figure out how it works.

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people that are skeptical of covid keep bleating bullshit about "no one dies from covid, they die from comorbidities, pre-existing conditions, etc etc" let's pretend that's true for a second... even in a world where that is true... the last thing we want is a virus floating around that keeps sniping everyone that has pre-existing conditions and comorbidities...

i don't see how that changes a motherfucking thing

@wzqtparor @yakkoj Still I definitely agree that under normal circumstances the vaccine would have a long term study done, however we already have this data due to how they conducted the development where stage 2 and 3 were run simultaneously which means that a lot of these vaccines have been studied for months. Hopefully this is reassuring that scientists do know what they are doing. Obviously don't take the vaccine if you have allergies or are pregnant.

@wzqtparor @yakkoj While I definitely understand your concern, these vaccines still have to go through the normal certification same as any other vaccine. Definitely think that the new mRNA technology seems a little scary but from reading the research papers it looks like all it does is get converted into a protein when it enters the immune cell which emulates the effects of covid. Also the scientists claim was based on a trial of 43,000 participants, The MMR vaccine only used 5016.

COVID-19 headline. 

@yakkoj Unfortunately trust in science seems futile in some countries.

Why is everyone using Mastodon?
Leave a reply of there's something I missed.

Completely forgot that the raspberry pi has it's usb power on the side and now it won't fit in my case I just spent 14 hours printing 🤦. Looks like I'm going to have to solder power directly to it, anyone got any ideas how to do that its a pi b+ V2.

@signaleleven @debugger Yes definitely if your running industrial level IOT device's looks like this is a must! For smaller deployments im sure mqtt is fine and very easy to get your head around.

@debugger @signaleleven No I have never heard of it but it sounds very interesting. The main reason I use MQTT over another protocol is simplicity, it's very easy to understand plus you can segregate it to its own network and just have the broker talk to your HA instance. Also security isn't really an issue as I'm the only person on my network and I don't care about people seeing data being transferred.

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