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@signaleleven @debugger All of my stuff is actually hooked up to Home Assistant and it's apsolutely incredible! Sometimes when I'm using it I just cant believe it's all free. I care about security so none of my devices talk to the cloud. Most of my devices are ESP's running either Tasmota or open MQTT gateway, I haven't looked into ESP home yet.

@dreamwebspace Yeah definitely could see how a bug could be introduced with quick updates especially multiple times a day, makes you think they might be rushing things. 0-days are always a concern to me though. I guess it's just a balance between stability and security, I haven't had any stability issues with Chrome though.

@signaleleven @debugger Yes definitely, I hardly care if mine is accurate or stable as it's only job is to detect when I start my fireplace and turn on an air filter. I am actually looking to build some leak/water detectors so I'll definitely want to see if there's any premade ones if there isn't I would definitely contribute my own design.

@raichoo Yes definitely agree with that. I've always stuck with windows and Linux so I was wondering if there was any benefits rather than just personal preference. Like windows has default support for a lot of apps, while I find Linux really snappy and has a great update system where you don't have to restart. If there's something cool about Free BSD I might try it out sometime. 😃

@signaleleven @debugger WOW that looks like an incredible project! Much better than the hacky code I have definitely should of done that of I was to build another.

@signaleleven This is incredibly impressive, the researchers that figure stuff like this out are heros.

Ever try to program a simple command line game for practice and end up spending way too long?

If you are set on using a I definitely would just modify someone elses code instead of programming it from scratch as the serial protocols the sds011 are crazy complex. Also if you need a sensor for humidity I would recommend the DHT22 as it can handle temperature as well. If you want I could upload the modified python script im using to GitHub might save you some time then you can just change it to suit yourself.

@debugger I definitely wouldn't recommend using a raspberry pi I just hacked up some quick python code I found online. Instead I recommend using a D1 mini or other Arduino chip as its cheap and has a lower power consumption. For accuracy humidity definitely plays a big role but I don't care as I just care about relative values. I think if you factored in humidity it would be very accurate and you can find a bunch of Arduino sketches on GitHub.
Hope this answers your question Goodluck! 😃

Just realized my last toot might offend freeBSD users, im sure freeBSD is great and lovely.

Why would I chose freeBSD over linux?
tbh freeBSD scares me.

IOT air quality sensor with a raspberry pi and an sds011. That uses MQTT for data transmission and can report PM 2.5 and 10.

3D printers are such a cool technology I remember building my first in 2016 and its crazy to see how far it's progressed in 4 short years!

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