I've been working with my friend on a very simple and bare bones game engine in c++. If anyone is learning c++ and wants to help you can find the engine here.
This is designed for learning and therefore is written to be easy to understand.

@AndreC Few years ago me and my dad made a simple game with SDL and OpenGL.

I just hacked it to work on Android (Coventina-Android), but you can also easily run it on Linux (Coventina)



@holden Just had a look at your game jam page looks awesome, is the source code available anywhere?

@AndreC Absolutely!

Here is the original (github.com/voximorg/Coventina), which should compile on Linux with './compile' and './gameexec'

I spent much of the past few days using dark hackery to create the initial Android version (github.com/voximorg/Coventina-)

This one is an Android Studio project. Follow the directions in the readme. I have not yet tested it on another computer or phone.

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