COVID-19 headline. 

>Faith, Trust in vaccine critical

oh dry up.

This is something based in science, and a result of science. As such, it better have the properties of empirical proof behind it.

No garbage "faith" necessary.

COVID-19 headline. 

@yakkoj Unfortunately trust in science seems futile in some countries.

@wzqtparor @yakkoj While I definitely understand your concern, these vaccines still have to go through the normal certification same as any other vaccine. Definitely think that the new mRNA technology seems a little scary but from reading the research papers it looks like all it does is get converted into a protein when it enters the immune cell which emulates the effects of covid. Also the scientists claim was based on a trial of 43,000 participants, The MMR vaccine only used 5016.

@wzqtparor @yakkoj Still I definitely agree that under normal circumstances the vaccine would have a long term study done, however we already have this data due to how they conducted the development where stage 2 and 3 were run simultaneously which means that a lot of these vaccines have been studied for months. Hopefully this is reassuring that scientists do know what they are doing. Obviously don't take the vaccine if you have allergies or are pregnant.

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