updates 3x per day make me anxious. I feel more much secure with stable version.

@dreamwebspace Yeah definitely could see how a bug could be introduced with quick updates especially multiple times a day, makes you think they might be rushing things. 0-days are always a concern to me though. I guess it's just a balance between stability and security, I haven't had any stability issues with Chrome though.

Actually the reason I moved to Canary few moths ago it was because I couldn't get stable version to work 😆 besides it is my main testing browser when webdeveloping

@dreamwebspace I guess you have different requirements from a browser, being a web developer. Because chrome has always been super stable for me. Also depends what OS your on as well.

Too many times 'Aw, Snap!' recently. I'm on windows 10 pro most of the time

@dreamwebspace I'm on The exact same OS, wish I could switch to linux though but all my engineering software only works on windows :(

Same here (music software). But since microsoft introduced WSL2 I don't dual boot any more. I run linux only on raspi.

@dreamwebspace I have two HDDs one with Linux for linuxing stuff and one for Windows, I found that the RPI isn't really powerful enough for most of my work.

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