IOT air quality sensor with a raspberry pi and an sds011. That uses MQTT for data transmission and can report PM 2.5 and 10.

@AndreC looks like industrial grade device.
Waiting for exactly the same Nova PM sensor to be delivered.
How does that one behave in terms of precision depending on outside temperature and humidity?
Any details/tips on connecting to apart from ?

@debugger I definitely wouldn't recommend using a raspberry pi I just hacked up some quick python code I found online. Instead I recommend using a D1 mini or other Arduino chip as its cheap and has a lower power consumption. For accuracy humidity definitely plays a big role but I don't care as I just care about relative values. I think if you factored in humidity it would be very accurate and you can find a bunch of Arduino sketches on GitHub.
Hope this answers your question Goodluck! 😃


If you are set on using a I definitely would just modify someone elses code instead of programming it from scratch as the serial protocols the sds011 are crazy complex. Also if you need a sensor for humidity I would recommend the DHT22 as it can handle temperature as well. If you want I could upload the modified python script im using to GitHub might save you some time then you can just change it to suit yourself.

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